Vodnik Acknowledgements (And a March Madness Winner!)

CR Gibson Box of 10 Sympathy Acknowledgment Note Cards, Silver Rose (CST-3914)In my break from revising, I’m trying to get other elements of the book in order, including my acknowledgements page. Since Vodnik has been an effort that spanned years, I have quite a few people to thank. The trick is, I’m afraid I’m going to forget someone. That’s where you come in. If you’ve read and commented on Vodnik at any point in its long illustrious evolution, could you post a response or send me an email? Here’s what I have so far–but I’m sure I’m forgetting some people. (And PLEASE don’t take it personally if I’ve forgotten you. It’s so not on purpose!)

This book has been a long time in the making, but it wouldn’t have gone anywhere if it weren’t for two key people: Denisa Križanová, who introduced me to Slovakia in the first place, and her brother, Miloš Križan, who provided volumes of information and insight on Slovak folklore, history, and anything else I might need an answer for. Special thanks also go to my editor, Stacy Whitman, and my agents: Joshua Bilmes and Eddie Schneider. My writing instructors at BYU also helped me in many ways: Louise Plummer, Dave Wolverton, Chris Crowe, and Doug Thayer. I’d like to thank members of my writing groups: Brandon Sanderson, Janci Patterson, Isaac Stewart, Kimball Larsen, Holly Venable, Heather Kirby, Eric James Stone, Sally Taylor, and Bradley Reneer. In addition, I’ve had a variety of readers for this book: Robb Cundick, Ted Cundick, Wilson Coltrin, Audrey Stone, Kristy Kugler, Molly Reed, and Betsey Hyde. Thank you all so much! Writing can be a very solitary experience, and having friends there to cheer you on makes all the difference.

And in other news, March Madness continues, but my blog bracket challenge does not. Not a single one of us could get even one of the final four correctly, so we have a winner: Reed Nielsen! Congrats, Reed! Let me know which of the FABULOUS PRIZES you’ve chosen to receive. Thanks for playing, all–and come back next year, when methinks I might have an actual copy of Vodnik to award to the winner. Autographed, even. 🙂

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