Weekend Update

I got sick this weekend. How about you? Want to know why I got sick? I’ll tell you anyway.

As I might have already posted, the wood was running low, so  we decided to order more. After much calling around, my wife found a place with green ash (better than other green hardwood due to its low moisture content, in case you wanted to know). We ordered up a cord of that to be delivered Saturday, along with a cord of seasoned wood to come next Saturday. And sure it was scheduled to snow Saturday, but what was the difference? It’s always snowing here.

So the big day came and the wood truck missed our driveway. When they went to turn around and back in, their transmission blew out. Somehow they managed to get it so the reverse gear would work, and after backing down the street for several miles until they found a place to turn around, they managed to back into my driveway. Where halfway in, the reverse gear gave out. So they dumped the wood there, and I had to move the cord inside my garage by wheelbarrow. In the snow. By the way, green wood is heavier than seasoned wood. All that moisture. My back was not happy, and neither was my body. I spent most of yesterday in bed. Feeling better now, though. Thanks for asking.

I did manage to watch three best picture winners this weekend as part of my Quest to Become a Better Movie Watcher. I saw Mutiny on the Bounty, Patton and In the Heat of the Night, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. In the Heat of the Night was an excellent example of putting two fleshed out, rounded characters in the middle of an intriguing situation and then letting them do their thing. Fantastic.

Finally, before I go, I’d like to give you all an insight into what I’ve been doing in Libraryland for the last while. First, a small thing. Mantor Library is working on promoting itself in various ways. As part of this effort, we made some Public Service Announcements to be played on the university radio station (WUMF). I wrote one of these, an obvious tribute to the trailer for the Comedian (see here). Listen to the final version of my take here.

And second, I’m working on a new web page for my library, as well. It’s still very much in the formative stages, but you can take a looksee over here. Graphics are all placeholders for now–I’m working on those when I find time. But I’m coding the whole thing, doing the graphics, writing most of it. To get a taste of the contrast, here’s the current site.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for right now. I should finish my rewrite of Ichabod this week, and by the end of the week I hope to have it in the mail to somebody. Probably not you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Your Overall Well-Being
    You beat me to it, but I was ALMOST about to post and ask where you were, as you hadn’t posted, and weren’t in church. I laughed at your sad tale. I am sorry. I realize it was not really funny, but I did laugh. I will go repent now. Glad you have wood and are feeling better!
    PS I’m a little bitter you won’t mail your book to me. Hmph.

  2. Nice!!!
    Loved the radio spot, Bryce!! I do think it would have been funnier with your voice (for either character), though. But what can you do. Hope you’re continuing to feel better!! I don’t envy you all the shoveling and wheelbarrowing!! 🙁 – Gretel

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