Well, I’ve been putting this off for way too long, so I figured I might as well get with the program and start a blog. It’s still in the formative stages, and I’m not yet sure how all this stuff works, but better to start than not.

Welcome to my blog.

Can I start by saying how stupid I think the word “blog” is? Honestly. Blog. What are the other -log words out there? Well, we have clog, flog and glogg. Do any of those sound remotely appealing? Not to me. Whoever came up with the name should be shot. But that’s what it is now, and I guess there’s no going back on it. Sigh.

Anyway–I should probably get back to what I ought to be doing (which is homework for my MLS degree), but hopefully I’ll come back here and work on this blog thing daily. Or at least weekly.

Or monthly.

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. You don’t know me and vice versa. I happened onto your “blog” from someone else’s blog, who I went to from someone else’s blog… I guess I hit a seriously large wave of internet surfing or at least blog surfing…

    Anyway, couldn’t help but laugh at this post. I don’t like the word blog either, but the name is short for web log, someone just got lazy and combined them then cut off the “we” part, forming the notorious name we now use; blog. Hope that helps. But I will understand if you still don’t like the word blog. 🙂

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