What’s Up with American Cinema?

Seriously, Hollywood. Cut it out. Cut what out, you all ask? I’ll tell you. I’m sick of Hollywood remaking fantastic foreign films. What’s the point? So that stupid American audiences don’t have to read subtitles? It’s ridiculous! Case in point: The Orphanage. (Although I could just as easily be discussing 13 Tzameti here, or La Femme Nikita, or a slew of other foreign movies.) I watched this one yesterday, and I was really impressed with it. It tells the story of a woman who returns to the orphanage she grew up in, now intent on turning it into a home for developmentally handicapped children. All is fine and dandy at first, but then she begins to notice things that aren’t quite right. Scariness ensues. The movie was intense, frightening–and far from cheap. In other words, it didn’t have to resort to cheap tricks to scare its audience. Really well done. So it was in Spanish. So what? I loved it anyway. A good strong three star movie.

Why does it have to be remade?

Why can’t people just watch the original, appreciate it, and let Hollywood start actually making something besides the latest crappy “satire” movie or yet another remake. I get that Hollywood is a business, and that they only want to invest in sure deals. But come on, guys. Grow a spine and take some chances. There’s lots of material out there just waiting to be made. Why redo things that have already been done so well before? And don’t get me started on the remakes of classics. Seriously–unless you’re bringing something new to the table, don’t come knockin’ at my door. I don’t mind if you take existing material and adapt it. In fact, I’m all for that. Disturbia’s take on Rear Window was awesome. But don’t just retread the same stuff, just to make a buck or two.

It’s disappointing.

Can I get an amen from anyone out there?

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