Cat’s Eye Cave – My first book ever. Third grade. Mrs. Allen’s class. Be afraid.


Leaves – One of the few personal essays I’ve written. It’s not a form I use very often, usually because they turn out rather depressing. This one didn’t, though.

U-Turn – A personal essay I wrote for a competition. There are some things I’d like to change in it now, but it expresses some ideas that I feel strongly about, and I think it’s got some good things going for it. I’ll probably get around to rewriting it one of these days. Tell me what you think.

Academic Research

The Dialect of Jar Jar Binks – One of my most popular posts ever. Why Jar Jar’s dialect made him even worse than he already was.

The Price of Magic – To have a successful magic system, every spell must have a cost. Read on to find out why.

Master’s Thesis: Translating Huck – Two years of research for an MA degree, and you get to read it all in less than two hundred pages. Boo yah!

The Hero Outline – Stuck writing an English paper and short on time? Have I got a trick for you.

The First Crusade – A brief overview of how the First Crusade really went down.