Vee Hertz is a new kid in a new school where nobody knows him and no one seems to share his love (okay–obsession) of film noir. But then a cheerleader walks into his noir club, and she’s got a case for him to crack. Nothing is as it seems in this YA fantasy noir.


Currently on the desk of various editors. Cross your fingers, folks.

Behind the Scenes

Check out my blog posts for some nuts and bolts action of what’s gone into Tarnhelm.

Path from Idea to Publication

This is a chart I’ve been making for all of my latest books, keeping track of how fast I’m writing the book, when I revise it, how long I set it aside before reworking it–that sort of thing. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of how I personally write books and the path they take to get published, here’s some in-depth data for you to digest.