Baptism Time!

IMG_1080I’d meant to blog about this earlier, but the week just sort of got away with me. DC turned 8 earlier this month, and tomorrow she’s going to be baptized. She’s been looking forward to this for months, counting it down practically every week when we talk about what’s coming up in the family.

It’s hard to believe she’s 8 already. I was looking at pictures of TRC at that age, and it feels like just yesterday. I know it’s a pretty hackneyed observation, but where did the time go?

What does DC like to do as an 8 year old? She’s a huge fan of art. For the past few Christmases that’s been the main thing she’s asked for: art supplies. I try and take some time with her every week or so to draw together, and I think she enjoys that. Of course, she also values watching TV pretty highly. She’s a big My Little Pony fan, though she’ll take pretty much whatever she can get. (We limit individual TV watching to an hour a day on the weekdays, and it’s always one of the high points of her day. Go figure.)

For a long time, she struggled with reading. (Much in the same way she was slow to pick up speaking back in the day, come to think of it.) Just at the beginning of this year, she was having a hard time getting through any book on her own. Now she’s in the middle of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and really enjoying it. So it might have taken her a bit to get the hang of it, but she seems to be catching the bug now.

She’s incredibly helpful around the house, always looking for something to do and wanting and willing to contribute. Doing the dishes, feeding the degus, setting the table. You name it. (Unless, of course, she’d rather be watching something at the moment . . .)

In any case, feel free to come on out tomorrow at 10am to attend the baptismal service. It’ll be here at the local LDS meetinghouse. You can message me for directions if you need them. Shouldn’t be a long service. Just an hour or so.

Congratulations, DC!!

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