Cabinet Update: 10.14.22

It’s been another very busy week, so I’m really short on time. (And my apologies for not being able to post yesterday.) However, enough people keep asking about the cabinets that I thought I’d give an update on where we stand with them.

The short answer is that they’re still not here. We were told they’d be delivered on Tuesday. Then that it would be either Wednesday or today. Yesterday, they said that it would be this morning between 8:30am and 12:30pm. When they hadn’t come yet (Denisa had to leave for work, and we needed to know if I needed to come home from work to be thee), Denisa called them, and they said, “They’ll come tomorrow. Just like we told you.”

I guess they’re taking that song from Annie a little too literally. My cabinets are always a day away.

We have complained vociferously to Lowe’s, who apologized profusely and explained they’re not the ones who do the delivering on cabinets. We’re still trying to get our $300 delivery fee refunded, because what exactly did we pay it for? This morning, the delivery company hung up on Denisa when she was trying to figure out just when these cabinets were coming. Yeah. It’s not been a great experience.

At this point, I’m just hoping they come, and (just as important) that they’re not banged up in any way. Because getting replacement cabinets to show up will probably take until spring, at this rate. We ordered these cabinets April 28th, people.

At the moment, the plan is to start the renovation Monday. We’ve heard that before, though . . .


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