Fort Kenting the Day Away

I’m up in Fort Kent at a library meeting for the day. For you non-Mainers, Fort Kent is way up at the very top of Maine. It took four and a half hours to drive here yesterday. I’m actually staying at a hotel that sits at the very end of Route 1. If I were to get out and start driving on this road, I could keep going until I hit Key West, Florida.

Having driven four and a half hours yesterday, I think I’ll pass. I have to drive back home tonight, after all.

Anyway. Just wanted to pop on here to say it’s beautiful up in Northern Maine. It’s easy to forget there’s the whole top half of Maine. Not a lot of people live up here. The bulk of the population is in Portland and its surroundings. Once you hit Bangor, it feels like you’ve already gone pretty far. But then you drive. And drive. And drive.

Other states have rolling fields and farmland. There are sections up here like that. Potato fields. But the stretch I drove yesterday (Route 11) was almost all trees. And trees. And trees. Not a whole lot of people at all. On the plus side, that meant hardly any traffic. I did stop by a rest stop for a break. No one was there, and I ended up thinking, “This is how horror movies start out. With the main character pulling into an abandoned rest stop and then ending up in some torture chamber in the remote woods.”

I got back in my car, locked the doors, and kept driving. Though I must note no one has tried to abduct me since my arrival in Fort Kent. 🙂 I would imagine people in the far north of Maine get frustrated a lot of them time that the rest of the state doesn’t think about them that much. Or maybe they just don’t care. Not sure which. But if you ever wanted to live away from anybody else, there’s no need to go to Montana. Plenty of space for you up here in Maine.

I can see Canada from my hotel window. I could walk there in about five minutes, I’d guess. It looks an awful lot like Fort Kent. (I learned all about Acadia yesterday. Some fascinating history up here. Don’t anybody tell Trump about it. He might decide to annex part of Canada.)

That’s all I have time for today. Try to get by without me.


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