Hiking Tumbledown (Pictures!)

Sorry for the late post today: I took the day off for one last hurrah of summer vacation with the fam before school starts up on Tuesday. We went with some friends on a five mile hike (round trip). On the way to the spot, I realized that this was the first real hike I’ve been on in Maine, which is kind of surprising. It felt like I’d been on more. (Well, I’ve been on some really teeny ones, but this was the first serious one.)

We ended up going up the Brook Trail of Tumbledown Mountain. Absolutely gorgeous trail, though it’s pretty boulder-y in spots. At the top of the mountain, there’s a great little pond, and there were more wild blueberries than I’ve ever seen. Picking them was as easy as picking high bush berries at a farm. Also cranberries by the handful. So we picked berries, had lunch, I got to practice some fly fishing, and we had all had a great time.

TRC was fantastic–the kid has enough energy to power a small city, if we could somehow harness it properly. DC had a good time, too–though she ended up doing most of the hike on my friend’s shoulders. Anyway–I’ve got to go get some chores done, but as a gift to you, here’s some pics of the hike:

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