No CONduit Appearance Today

The Terminal (Widescreen Edition)If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then this is news to you. (If you do follow me, then you’re likely sick of my updates by now.) The flight I was supposed to be on at 6:55 this morning got delayed enough that I would have missed my connection (which I found out I didn’t have an actual seat on anyway–thanks, United and Delta!) So I’m on the afternoon flight to DC again, slated to connect to a flight to Salt Lake that’ll get me there around 8 this evening, 24 hours late.

Of course, that’s assuming this next flight actually works. Word on the street is that DC has a bunch of thunderstorms and hail right now. The plane I’m supposed to get on has already been delayed, and if it gets delayed too much, then I’ll miss my DC connection (speaking from experience, now.) If that happens, I’m taking it as a Sign, and I’ll just head home and stay home. I’d have missed two out of the three days of the conference. I’d rather try to marshal my forces for a different conference that I can actually attend.

But here’s hoping that I’m just worried too much at this point . . .

2 thoughts on “No CONduit Appearance Today”

  1. Is the airline compensating you at all for these delays & inconvenience? It’s not weather related yet, so they should be giving you some sort of monetary apology.

  2. They haven’t offered anything. It hasn’t helped that they’ve pingponged responsibility for me between United and Delta. Should I be pressing for some sort of a discount? I’m not sure what my rights are as a passenger . . .

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