Tomas: Graduation Day

So Tomas went and graduated from high school yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. Puffy clouds. Mid-seventies. A light breeze. The ceremony took about an hour, and he and the other graduating Fiddlers played a set as part of the festivities. He’s got a busy summer ahead of him: heading to Europe for a month next week with Denisa and the girls, and then he’s got a week of Fiddle Camp in August. After that, it’s “off” to the home MTC on September 19th, the Provo MTC on October 5th, and then Slovakia on November 22nd, where he’ll be until fall of 2024. At that point, it’s BYU for mechanical engineering. He ended up graduating magna cum laude, and he’s done a great job in high school. We’re very proud of him.

I’ve enjoyed seeing people post pictures from their graduates’ lives, and I thought I might do the same thing today, giving a bit of a “best of” selection of blog posts I’ve written about Tomas over the years. I’ve been blogging almost every day for most of his life, so I should have more than enough to choose from. Not sure who else will find this interesting, but I know I will, so here we go:

Honestly, I could do this for a long time. I’m just up to his 13th birthday, and there are already a ton of posts I’ve skipped over. After his 13th birthday, I noticed many of my posts about him changed to “this is what Tomas is doing” to “this is what I think about what Tomas is doing.” Instead of talking all about how he’s in sports, I talked about what it was like to be a sports parent. I think it’s the transition I had to make to be able to give him space online. He didn’t need his dad constantly telling people what he was up to, but I could still talk about what I personally was going through.

In any case, I’m out of time for today. This was fun to look back, and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Tomas, ya done good, and I know you have lots more good in front of you. Congratulations!


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