Tomas Update: Week 3 in Žilina

Ahojte everyone! This week’s email is on a Wednesday because we had zone conference Monday – all the missionaries in Slovakia made the trip out east to Košice to gather together and have some trainings and meetings. As a plus though we also all went to see the Nutcracker live at the theater right in the middle of the Košice main street! I’ve never seen live ballet before and Pointe dancing is so impressive. And also scary – I don’t think a human should be able to do that. Also the rat guy or whatever was there and he had three heads so I’d call that a plus.

Besides that, we’ve still been here in Žilina. We have one very consistent man that we are teaching and our lesson with him today was very good, and his prayer at the end was actually such a void reminder that prayer really can be just a simple conversation with God and sometimes we overcomplicate it ourselves. What truly matters is what’s in our hearts, and we can be open and simple and genuine with God – I know he knows us completely.

We’ve also been working harder on the language this week. That involved trying to play a game of scrabble with the English letters in Slovak, which was way harder than I thought it would be since the letter distributions are all off. I have a picture, we also pretended things had accents if they needed them since we don’t have any in English. Along with that, today I bought The Fellowship of the Ring in Slovak and reading it is really fun so far but I have to remember to slow down because sometimes I try to do it like with an English book and I realize that I’m understanding nothing at all at that speed.

It’s been snowing here too! We got like maybe 2 inches and then another today over the day and it’s been great to see snow again and have the nice cold. That also means the apartment walk from the námestie (town square) is super icy since it’s a hill but we’ve been having fun sliding down that so far. Everything here is much prettier, and the trhy (Christmas markets) look really nice with all the snow.

Well, I think that’s about all of note this week. I hear Maine is one for a lot of snow this weekend so I hope it actually  snows and stays so you all can ski. Things are good here, and I’m so thankful for this crazy opportunity that I have to just live here in Slovakia and meet so many people. Hope you’re all doing well at home! Here’s the link again, I’ve added more pictures:

Love you all,

Starší Cundick


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