Words of Wisdom

Funny thing happened yesterday, but to get the joke, you need a bit of Mormon background. It’s worth the build up, though–trust me. Explanations will be given as footnotes. So anyway, DKC and I are having Family Home Evening with TRC.* For the lesson, I was talking to TRC about the Word of Wisdom**, going over the various things that we don’t do as Mormons. No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, no coffee, and no black or green tea***. TRC was agreeing all along–he’s learned this in Primary.****

Right after I get to the no black or green tea part, TRC interrupts. “There’s one other thing we can’t ever eat,” he says.

I think for a moment, trying to come up with what I’ve forgotten. He doesn’t wait too long before explaining, though. He stares at me very solemnly and intones, “We never ever eat yellow snow.”

What can I say? We’ve taught our son well.


*Family Home Evening: Mormons are encouraged to have a time reserved for family every Monday night. Typically there’s some singing, a short lesson on a spiritual subject, game playing, and a tasty dessert, though some families do it different ways.

**Word of Wisdom: Mormon doctrine that outlines what we should/shouldn’t put into our bodies.

***Herbal tea is fine.

****Primary: Part of the weekly Sunday church service for kids 4-12. Lasts about an hour and a half. Mormon meetings typically go 3 hours total each Sunday.

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  1. LOL
    That cracked me up!! Save that story for someday when you teach a Sunday School lesson on D&C 89. 🙂
    – Gretel

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