Bryce Moore is the author of Don’t Go to Sleep, The Perfect Place to Die, The Memory Thief, and Vodník. When he’s not authoring, he’s a librarian in Western Maine. He’s been happily married since 2001 and is doing his best to raise three new geeks of his very own, while simultaneously convincing his wife that sci-fi/fantasy is awesome. He uses his spare time to fix up his old 1841 farmhouse, shovel snow, and pay ridiculous amounts of money feeding his Magic the Gathering addiction.

Favorite Authors: Terry Pratchett, CS Lewis

Favorite Bill Murray Movie: Groundhog Day

Favorite TV Sitcom from Before 1970: The Dick Van Dyke Show

Favorite Monty Python Sketch that Doesn’t Involve a Parrot: The Spanish Inquisition

Favorite Monopoly Token: Dog

Contact: Email me at bmoorebooks[at]