Officially an Independent

I went and voted today in the Maine primaries, mainly so I could vote to approve the school budget. But in the lead up to today’s vote, I started to get texts. Soooooo many texts. All of them telling me how I had to vote for somebody because he’d be the one person to stand up for Trump, or how he did something for Trump, or how he knew Trump’s gardner’s grandfather’s ex-bowling buddy. Guess what! I didn’t care about any of it. In what should surprise no one, knowing someone supports or is supported by Trump is the best […]

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How to Find New, Original Content on Streaming Platforms

Various corners of the internet have repeated the refrain time and time again: Hollywood’s not coming out with anything original anymore. It’s remakes all the way down. While I’d go along with a statement like most of the tentpole films that get a ton of marketing are remakes or adaptations, I don’t think that’s true for all film by any stretch. You just have to actually pay attention or look for the original ones out there. Unfortunately, that’s not something any of the streaming platforms are interested in doing. Search functions are limited and clunky, and all the streamers just

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Artificial Intelligence Tricks: Tell It Who to Be

I’m still over here, plugging away at using generative text in different ways to see how best to apply it. Yes, I still have concerns, and I continue to yo-yo back and forth between thinking this is being overplayed and thinking it’s being underplayed. I’m reading books on the nuances of AI and generative text, and my biggest conclusion is that we still don’t really know what the heck we’re doing and why it’s working when it works. This is likely oversimplified, but it’s where my head is at the moment. It seems to me many people are eager to

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Career Day!

I headed over to the middle school again this morning for another round of career day. While I offered to talk about being a librarian or an author, no one seemed too keen on learning about being a librarian. (Surprised?) For the kids who wanted to know about being an author, their actual interest seemed to span a fairly wide range of “really want to know and ask questions” to “I have no idea why I came to this presentation in the first place.” I did three different forty minute sessions for groups of 7th and 8th Graders. About a

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Denisa vs. the Deer

We had another run in with a deer over the weekend. Well, by “we,” I mean “Denisa,” and I suppose this is her first run in with a deer, so saying it’s another one is also kind of off. But you get the picture. She had just picked up MC from a party, and on their way home, a deer decided it would be a lot of fun to jump in front of a car going 40mph or so. Spoiler alert: I don’t think it ended up being that much fun for the deer. The bad news is that it

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