General Tomas Update

So, quite a few of you have reached out, wondering how Tomas is doing. It’s been two months since he last sent a written update, but we’ve continued to talk to him on FB Messenger every week. Since he hasn’t had the time to update, I thought I might give you a general update here, to the best of my knowledge. First up, I think the language has taken a lot of his attention. His last companion was the one who was called to speak Ukrainian, so when he arrived in Slovakia, he had absolutely no knowledge of Slovak. Tomas […]

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The Latest Cat Personality Results!

REMINDER: If you haven’t taken the cat personality survey (and you have a cat, of course), please head on over hre to take it: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s participated in our study so far. We’ve been blown away by the sheer enthusiasm people have shown toward this study. Where often it’s difficult to get a good sample size, we’ve received information for over 1,300 cats in just one week! Remember, the largest study we’ve found so far consisted of 2,802 cats. We would love to have more. (There’s a certain ring to “Largest Study on Cat Personalities.” Guinness

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The Wonders of Sorting Things

This is something I’m fairly sure I’m in the minority with, but I wanted to write up a short post about how much I enjoy sorting things. Putting things in order. You wouldn’t be able to tell it from my office, of course, which often looks as if a small tornado had browsed through it once and then come back a second time just to double check. I’m not really talking about big organization of things. Not things I use frequently, at least. No, I mean instead the sort of Zen-like state I get into when I’ve got a huge

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Cat Personality Update

Well, that was fast! When Karol and I sat down to talk about our cat survey, we discussed how many data points we’d need for it to be valid and successful. We figured if we got 200, that was at least enough to build on, and we planned on going through the data starting at the beginning of March. Well, as of right now, we’ve got responses about 500 cats from over 300 cat owners. (22 hours after first posting it.) So I’m here with a bit of an update to answer a few questions that have come up, and

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Studying Cat Personalities

And now for something completely different! Believe it or not, a professor and I are embarking on a new scientific study on the personality of cats. I’m glad today isn’t April Fools, because I assume almost all of you would think I wasn’t being serious, but I most definitely mean this. During the psychology of personality class I sat in last semester, I became more and more intrigued with just how personality is measured and how it’s affected by different factors. Karol (the professor) and I spoke at length about this, and we became more and more focused on how

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