So Many Technology Wonders, and So Much of It Ruined by Ads

I get that companies exist to make money. Like, that’s a pretty well-known fact. But the more I’m around tech developments, the harder it gets for me to be truly excited about them. Yes, the wonders of generative AI are pretty stunning, and it will no doubt do some incredible things . . . Before the suits figure out the best way to make as much money out of it as possible. At that point, even though it could do wonders, it won’t do them, or it will do as little of them as possible in return for as much […]

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Television Review: The Devil’s Plan

All of the different movie/tv subscription plans I subscribe to are always suggesting different things for me to watch. Generally, I just ignore them, because I’ve got plenty of things I want to watch on my own. That said, every now and then something catches my eye, and I end up giving it a shot. The Devil’s Plan is one of those few exceptions. Netflix made it pop up on my radar, so I tried it. In the end, I really enjoyed the show. It’s another South Korean game show, and so far I’ve had a lot of fun with

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Talking to Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all had plenty of digital assistants in our lives for the last several years. Siri came out 8 years ago now, believe it or not. Alexa? She’s ten. The days of wondering over the marvels of asking a black box a question and having it respond are long past. However, I don’t think anyone would accuse Siri or Alexa or the like of being intelligent. At best, they come across to me these days like a sort of dim-witted friend who’s got internet access. You ask them a question, and they start rattling off the entire Wikipedia page until

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Favorite Library Memories

When I was in Texas for TLA a few weeks ago, one of the questions on the panel was “What’s your favorite library memory?” This meant something for the other authors on the panel than it did to me, seeing as I was the only librarian up there, and it seemed like a pretty easy answer for all of them. For me, on the other hand, it was a bit more complicated. I’ve worked in libraries for over two decades, and I’ve been going to them for over four. How in the world was I supposed to pick just one

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Bryce’s Travel Tip of the Day

Sorry the blog has been so sparse lately. I’ve been really (really) busy, and I just had to set it to the side. That said, I wanted to pop on today to give you a quick travel hack I just used. As you know, I’m going to Scotland for WorldCon in August. I bought one way tickets there, since I wanted to fly with Denisa and the girls, and they were flying one way to Scotland, then to Vienna, and then to Boston. The plan was always for me to fly home from Scotland. The one way ticket prices were

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