Tomas Update: Week 15 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! Not much time this week, so just a quick update on things –  – 17 people at church this week (!) – getting fed very well by the members here – the blanket continues to grow – two baptismal interviews in Žilina (!!!) – random Blava pday since our district abandoned us (+ cool city pictures ) Things are well here, just very very busy But we are doing good and our friends are all well, plus things have really started picking up lately. Still anticipating fall here and I love seeing the leaves start to fall. Also

Television Review: Picard Season 1

I’m a fan of Star Trek, though I’m also far from a Trekkie. I’ve seen most of the movies, and a lot of the television shows, though not nearly all of them. Denisa and I watched some of The Next Generation together a while ago, and it was fun, but also not riveting enough for us to stick with it. The “Problem of the Week” style of television that used to be dominant just doesn’t quite do it for me. But I’d heard good things about Picard, so we decided to give it a shot. We finished the first season

Disney+ for Language Learning

I’m still on my language learning kick, trying to study Slovak once a day. (Well, Slovak on Mondly. Duolingo still doesn’t do Slovak, so I do Czech, instead.) I’m up to 250 days in a row, as of yesterday. Is it working? Um . . . definitely not as well as actually taking a class in it, speaking as someone who’s taken a number of languages. However, some of that is because I don’t devote an hour a day to the lessons. Usually it’s more like 10 minutes. On the other hand, it’s definitely teaching me the language better than

UnMarvelling and UnStarWarsing

I’m a board-certified geek, and proud of it. I read fantasy series that are longer than 10,000 pages. I watch all of Jackson’s Middle Earth movies in a marathon. (The extended versions, naturally.) I have gone to a party dressed as a Slytherin student. In other words, I’m the prime audience for Marvel and Star Wars. And I’m getting tired. It’s not that I don’t like Marvel or Star Wars anymore. I like water plenty, but if you give me too much of it, I drown. (Or I get tired of all the rain. Or I complain about the flood.

Tomas Update: Week 14 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! It’s actually been a pretty crazy week out here, or at least I hope you all agree. Last week also was but this one was too.  Tuesday was a very normal Tuesday. I know I said the week was crazy but I’m getting around to it. I actually don’t really have much to say whatsoever about Tuesday.  Wendesday we managed to get back into contact with someone we were teaching! We had a nice lesson with her and she’s doing well, just life got a little crazy. We also had good ol English class, this time we were