What I Do (and Don’t) Blog About

Writing a daily blog, it often might seem like I blog about anything and everything under the sun. There are certainly a whole slew of things I pick as topics, from top ten candy lists like yesterday to weighty matters of faith and everything in between. But believe it or not, there is at least a bit of a filter when it comes to me deciding what to write about each day. First off, I’ve kept the blog as diverse as possible from a topic perspective. I know if I wanted to have the blog increase in readers, it would

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Making Facebook Work for You

I write this daily blog, if you haven’t noticed. I like having a platform to express my opinions, and I really enjoy (for the most part) the interactions I have with people about those opinions. But all of that rests on one key component: People have to be able to read my posts. In an ideal world, everyone out there would use a feed reader to aggregate their favorite blogs (which would include mine, of course), thereby notifying them whenever a new blot post went up. (I personally use Feedly for this purpose. It’s not perfect, but it does the

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A Facebook Alternative

Facebook is getting annoying. I know I’m not the only one to observe this, but perhaps my reasons for the observation are at least somewhat unique. I know the common complaints: it’s a big time sink. It sucks you in, spewing out “interesting articles” that you don’t necessarily want to read, but find yourself reading anyway. It skews your viewpoint, presenting only things that tend to agree with what you think anyway. It gives you far too much information about people who you really don’t need that much information about, potentially destroying some relationships in the process. The list goes

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2018’s Most Popular Posts

Greetings from the flip side of the winter break! I’m back (more or less: I’m home sick with a stomach bug I caught just in time to ruin my New Years Eve party plans.) And I figured I’d start things off with a look back at what really went over well from last year. First, I’ll do a top 10 for posts that were published this year, and then I’ll follow that up with my current top 10 overall posts of all time. Ready? TOP TEN POSTS FROM 2018 Ten: Is God’s Love Conditional? This response piece I wrote in

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When Clicks Begin to Sway Your Content

Having blogged pretty much every weekday for going on 11 years now, I still haven’t figured out what causes a post to be popular and what causes one to just not get read. Some of this is, no doubt, due to the way I publicize my blog. It goes up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and that’s about the extent of it. Every now and then I’ll share something on an appropriate sub-Reddit, but for the most part, I just write the entries and let them loose into the wild. Some of them soar, some of them fall flat on

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