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Writing Update: August 2019

It’s been a while since I checked in to update you all about my various writing endeavors. People often ask if I’m still writing, and the answer is always yes. I’ve got many different projects in the fire in one way or another. Here’s a breakdown of everything I’ve written or am working on writing: Book One: Into the Elevator. Some fun stuff in this adventure about a girl transported to a fantasy realm, but it’s still a first book. I haven’t even reread it in years. Might be amusing to do so at some point, but . . .

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Minecrafting on YouTube

I’ve fallen off the Minecraft bandwagon lately. Just too many other things going on in my life for me to keep it up. But Tomas is still going strong. He and a friend have even started a YouTube channel, posting some of their exploits online. And after repeated requests, I figured today is a good day to give them a plug. If you’re looking to see how a couple of 12 year olds approach the game these days, look no further than The Awesomepole Gaming. Tomas is m34ndr. (Funny aside. Since I picked that name as a leet spelling of

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Third Draft of THE MEMORY THIEF is Finished

That’s right–it’s done. I cut abut 6,000 words from the draft. Tweaked a few characters, but it was mainly a tightening pass through. For those of you who are interested, I updated the chart for the book. I don’t know if these are interesting to anyone but me, but the charts are *dang* interesting to me, and so I inflict them on you periodically. It’s just fun for me to see how the book clipped along (or didn’t, as the case may be). So the next question is “What does Bryce work on next?” As I posted a few days

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Buy My E-Book! (Or at least review it)

Hello all! It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have successfully created an eBook. For those of you who don’t know, I wrote what is likely the world’s only alpaca fantasy novel about four years ago. Filled with adventure, talking alpacas, prophetic mice and caverns of doom. A book that Kirkus Discoveries called “a cute, well-written and suspenseful animal-adventure story” and “a charming, enjoyable read.” What in the world would inspire me to write an alpaca fantasy novel? Well, the short story is that my mother wanted to publish a book about alpacas. I write books, so I

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Jindal Comparison

Perhaps no piece has summed up for me my feelings about the Republican Rebuttal like this one. The resemblance is uncanny. And because I haven’t given a Buttersby update in like forever, I had an epiphany yesterday out of the blue for the sequel (if I ever write one). Let’s just say take Buttersby and add a good dose of Temple of Doom, with extra mysticism. And maybe Nazis, because they make any plot better, right? Not human Nazis, though. No–we’re talking vampire bat Nazis. Who worship the Chupacabra. Oh yeah. 🙂

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