Finally Here

Well it took forever, but I’m at the conference now. Haven’t checked in yet–I got here too late to–but I’ll do that first thing in the morning. Really, there’s not much for me to report just yet. I’m apprehensive about tomorrow. First time at the conference, and it’ll be time for me to interview with one of the schools face to face, as well. I just heard back from the third phone interview from last week, and they’ve decided they’re no longer interested in me, which is disappointing, but I can’t always have good news to report. I really just […]

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I just finished looking over the schedule for ALA, and I have to admit I’m getting pretty excited for this conference. How in the world am I going to have time to do everything I want to do, though? There are so many panels, exhibitors, parties and keynotes–it’s overwhelming. Right now I’m packing and just hoping that I don’t forget anything too important. And I’m trying not to think about the flight. In the good news category, I got my diploma from Florida State today, so it’s all official. School is totally over for me. Thank goodness. Anyway–I ought to

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BYU WIFYR Conference Update

So the first day of the conference is done, and it was quite a success.  I really enjoy having the chance to go and meet other writers and hear from authors and editors–always worthwhile.  Dave Wolverton’s class has 14 of us in all, and they range in age from a couple of years younger than me to quite older.  It’ll be interesting to see what their writing styles are like. One of the high points of my day, suprisingly, was lunch.  I ate at the Morris Center by DT, a place I haven’t eaten since Freshman year.  I had remembered

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