March Madness Winner

Well, March Madness has come and gone this year. My personal bracket performed . . . fairly poorly. I picked Gonzaga to win it all, so at least I had half the finals right. But I only had 1/4 of the final four. 4/8 of the elite eight, and 7/16 of the sweet sixteen. Granted, it was a year full of quite a few upsets, so I definitely wasn’t alone, but still, I came in 9th in the challenge, out of 15 teams that entered. (More or less) I say more or less because this year I did three test

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March Madness: Name a Character in My Next Book

I’ve done the March Madness challenge for many years. And I’ve named numerous characters after different people over the years. However, I’m sad to say many of those characters are still trapped in drafts that haven’t seen publication, so it’s no doubt a frustrating experience for their winners. This year, on the other hand, my current writing project is THE AXEMAN, a book that’s already under contract, with the outline I’m working on having been green lit by my editor. Which means that the odds of this book coming out on time are pretty darn good. In other words, if

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March Madness Time!

The time has come, friends. To find out what we’re each really worth, in the bigger picture. Who’s better at picking the best* teams? I’m running the yearly blog challenge, and as usual, the winner gets to have a cameo in my current work in progress. (A steampunk western at the moment, code name SILVERADO.) Who wouldn’t want a cool steampunk character named after them? And if I win, I’ll still let the runner up have the prize. (How’s that for courtesy?) So come on over and make your picks, and may the best pick picker win! Click here to

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Mad as a March Hare

The brackets are set. The madness is ready to begin. And that means it’s time for another Tournament Challenge! As always, I’m setting the blog challenge up through ESPN’s site. You go, you make your picks, and then you sit back to see who ends up winning. You’d like to think it takes skill and basketball smarts to win. You’d be mostly wrong. It’s really mainly for fun. To enter, click this link and use the password vodnik. (Or just go straight to ESPN and search for the group. It’s called Bryce’s Ramblings.) This year’s winner will join last year’s

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Hail the Conquering Hero

Another March Madness came to an end last night. I had a particularly good run this year, up until the finish. I had successfully picked 3/4 of the Final Four Teams, and I called the final two as well. Until the finish, I was ranked 12,000th out of something like 15 million participants on ESPN’s system. But I had picked Gonzaga to win it all, mainly on the theory that if they did, then BYU would have been the only team who would have beaten them this year, so this was BYU’s last kind of sort of way to win

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