Don’t Go to Sleep

Don’t Go to Sleep Publication Day!

It’s August 2nd, and that means my next book, Don’t Go to Sleep, is finally out in the wild and ready for purchase. It’s always a long process from first writing a book to finally seeing it in print, and it’s a great feeling to have it done at last. Here’s the review from Kirkus: After a yearslong reprieve, the Axeman who haunts survivor Gianna’s nightmares stalks New Orleans’ Italian grocers again. In this true-crime reimagining of the infamous Axeman of New Orleans with a supernatural spin, the hunter becomes hunted by one of his surviving victims. Seven years ago,

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Finding a Voice

I’m well into writing my twentieth novel at this point, and it (naturally) feels a fair bit different than it did back when I was writing my first. It feels particularly strange at times because almost all of those 20 novels are in first person point of view. (Only 2 are in third person, and those are my second and fourth. Since then it’s been non-stop first person all the time.) Back when I was on my third or fourth first person novel, I remember being particularly worried that all of my narrators were going to sound the same. I

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Don’t Go To Sleep: Cover Reveal!

Today’s the day! I’ve been sitting on this new cover for a while now, waiting for the green light to share it. When The Perfect Place to Die‘s cover came out, I loved it. Really striking, and it tapped into the book so well. When I wrote the companion novel, Don’t Go to Sleep, I wondered how they’d be able to capture the same sort of feel for its cover, even though the setting and subject are quite different. I loved the cover as soon as they shared it with me, and I hope you do too. As a refresher,

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Leaning Into Horror

Over the fall, I had a chance to go talk to some author friends when I was at FanX. Among other topics, I asked what suggestions they had for ways I could improve my writing from a career standpoint. My fourth book is coming out in August. Is there anything I could do that would help me build on successes and start getting more books published? The biggest takeaway I got came from (surprise surprise) Brandon, who basically said I’ve been hopping around too much from a genre perspective. I’ve written contemporary fantasy, steampunk, historical thriller, dystopian science fiction, and

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Don’t Go to Sleep Copyedit: Done!

Not much to say here other than to pop in and let you know I finished the copyedit for my next book: Don’t Go to Sleep. That means that the books is pretty much locked in and good to go for its publication next summer. It’s a book I’m particularly proud of at the moment. I wrote the bulk of it during the pandemic, and getting through that writing and doing it all on time wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. (The past while, my writing has pretty much shut down as I try to just barrel through the next

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