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The End of Downton

And now our watch is ended. Denisa and I caught up with the finale of Downton last night, and it was pretty much as we both expected it to be: one long “let’s fix every problem we ever came up with” session that was about as close to fan service as any series finale I can remember. In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” And lo, all the problems were solved by the end of the episode. Let’s just run them down one by one, shall we? Edith didn’t have a […]

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Downton Abbey 6:8 Review

Hard to believe that this was the last regular season Downton left. (There’s just the traditional Christmas episode to go, and that comes for us next week.) Downton certainly seemed ready to go out with a bang, however. A Lady Mary-infused she-harpy bang. There was a lot to like about this episode (as well as some stuff to strongly dislike), so let’s dive right in: First up, I have to talk about Lady Mary, because it was the piece of the episode that was both the most compelling and the least well handled. My big problem with it is that

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Downton Abbey 6:7 Review

Come on, Downton. A car racing episode? How in the world could these people not realize that bringing Lady Mary to a car race was going to make someone die a violent death? It’s one of those incontrovertible laws. Like what happens when scientists monkey around with dinosaur genetics, or going into a dark room alone by yourself in a horror movie. Some things just must not be done. So while I wasn’t really surprised that Charley died, I was disappointed that it wasn’t Car Boy instead. I really don’t care for him, and I don’t know why Mary does. I was

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Downton Abbey 6:6 Review

Time for another Downton. A less bloody one for once, which means my hope for a Downton/Game of Thrones crossover have been well and truly dashed. But that’s okay. I’ll get by. Somehow. This week’s episode was a generally fine Downton. Nothing jaw-droppingly awesome. Nothing that I could really dig my teeth into and complain about either, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it the ol’ college try. Lord Grantham got better fairly quickly. And he’s reduced to sort of chilling in his room for the whole episode, which made me realize that being sick in pre-television days would

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Downton Abbey 6:5 Review

I never thought there’d come an episode where Downton Abbey decided to go full on Exorcist. The genres just didn’t seem to line up. And yet here we are, discussing what can only be described as a Downton/Alien/Exorcist mashup. At least all this “internal discomfort” of Lord Grantham has finally paid off in something entertaining. (I’m heartless. I know.) Let’s get right to the play by play: I watched this a day later than the rest of you, and as such, I’d seen a bit of chatter about “something bloody” on Downton. The whole episode, I kept watching, wondering what

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