Snowballing Sno Balls

Before I left for my conference, Daniela and I decided to try a little experiment: homemade Sno Balls. I have long loved the marshmallow, coconut, and chocolate cake (with cream filling!) treat, but I’ve also recognized almost no one else does. Also, I understand that much processed sugar is supposed to be bad, or something like that. So I haven’t eaten Sno Balls as frequently as I’d like. But homemade Sno Balls had to be better, by definition. And so even though we’d never made marshmallow before, we decided we’d be able to tackle the task without too much trouble.

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Moon Shadow

Ever since the last significant eclipse we had here in Maine back in 2017, I’d been looking forward* to the total eclipse that was coming 4/8/24. The asterisk there is due to the fact that I was pretty pessimistic that we’d actually be able to see the eclipse. Maine is typically quite cloudy this time of year, and so I was more than a little skeptical that the big day would arrive and all I’d be able to see was things getting a bit darker for a few minutes. (Heading into the date, most estimates I’d read said we had

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Sweet Sixteen!

It was Daniela’s sixteenth birthday yesterday, which shared the day with the Super Bowl this year, and made for some celebration acrobatics to try and have two parties at the same time. (Not sure how successful we were at it, but An Attempt Was Made.) The good news is that she had a fantastic friend party on Friday night, so I think that makes up for things somewhat. (Seriously. She got the idea to do a MarioKart tournament, and she spent a ton of time figuring out how she wanted to run it, what rules to use, how to set

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A Chester Greenwood Adventure

Saturday was Chester Greenwood Day, a big event here in Farmington. For those who aren’t up on their Farmington history, Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs right here in our cozy town back in 1873 (at the ripe old age of 15!). It became quite the cottage industry here, and they still commemorate him each year with a parade. (Where everyone and everything wears earmuffs. I am not making this up. Daniela noted that one reason I might like Farmington is because it feels a lot like the Punxsutawney portrayed in Groundhog Day. She’s not wrong. Swap out Phil for Earmuffs, and

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Everything Changes: Halloween Edition

Another Halloween is in the record books. Last night we went out trick or treating with some friends, though it was a much smaller group than it’s been in the past. MC had a great time. She’s all about the candy, naturally, and this year she made her costume herself. She wanted to be a vampire, so she made some wings out of cardboard and attached Lego dragon wings to a headband. Add a red top and black pants, and she was good to go. We’ve never done a ton of houses trick or treating. We don’t really live in

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