Why Do We Insist on Doing Things That are Bad for Us?

I came across this study today, which basically looks at twenty years of research and comes to the completely unsurprising conclusion of “vegetarian and vegan diets are healthy.” At this point, this seems to be kind of obvious. They’ve been doing studies for decades, and yes, avoiding meat and eating whole foods is healthier than the opposite. And yet, despite this clear connection, as a society, we keep on downing meat and processed foods as fast as our little mouths will chew. (This isn’t me finger pointing at others. I’m not a vegan, though these days I rarely eat meat,

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Sugar Overload

In a development that may, or may not, have something to do with the homemade sno balls I made a week or so ago, I came to the hard decision on Sunday that I am, in fact, eating too much sugar again. I’m not sure what really gave it away. It might have been the sno balls, sure. Or it might have been the nightly ice cream (with chocolate syrup, because who wants just ice cream?). Or was it the binging on Easter candy? Or maybe it was the powdered sugar residue always around my mouth. Whatever it was, I

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Dealing with Chronic Health Issues

Back when I lived in Utah, I had a stretch of a couple of years where I dealt with chronic fatigue. Well, that’s what I thought it was at the time. Looking back on it, I’m more convinced it was depression. Then again, it wasn’t as if I didn’t know about depression at the time, so perhaps I should have a bit more faith in my ability back then to know what I was talking about. Regardless, it was a stretch of time where I had to handle something that just wouldn’t go away, and I wasn’t sure why it

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Exercising in VR, and More Thoughts on the Future

I wrote a while ago that I was toying with the idea of getting an Apple Vision Pro. In the end, I decided to pass, simply because it was just so expensive. (Though to be honest, reading some of the reviews and experiences people are having with it, I’m still bummed I don’t have one. It’s right up my alley.) Thinking about it as much as I had, however, made me turn back to my Quest 2, which I’ve had for the last while, but hadn’t used recently. The main problem I had with it is that I would get

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Adventures with Eye Emergencies

It’s not everyday you call your eye doctor up with a question and they ask you to come in right that second. And yet, right before Christmas, that’s exactly what happened to me. I was lying in bed the night before, with the lights all off, and I could see this white light in an arc at the edge of vision in my right eye. Definitely not anything normal, though it only appeared when I moved my eye. I made a note to myself to call in the morning. When I did, they told me to come. Now. Luckily it

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