NyQuil Coma

One of the advantages of being older is that you know how your body works a lot better than you do when you’re younger. When I was in high school, I was on antihistamines for a while for a bad cold/flu or something. The whole time, I was really tired and just out of it, but I never thought to pause and figure out what the thing was that was making me so different. It took my mom wondering what was up with me to make me pay attention and figure out it was an allergic reaction to the antihistamines.

Off to the Gym

I am not a gym person. Let’s get that out of the way right off. (What’s a gym person? A person who goes to the gym regularly, obviously.) That doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t become a gym person, but the last time I went to the gym was probably around . . . 14 years ago? Yeah. Not a gym person. I don’t like having to take the time to go someplace special to work out. I don’t like changing clothes. I don’t like locker rooms. Blech. However, I’m also a person who’s been having more and more issues with

COVID Booster Take I’ve Lost Count

Once they recommended we all get boosted again this year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for an appointment for Denisa and me to get our shots. This basically consisted of going to the Walmart pharmacy site every day and seeing if they had openings. On Wednesday, they suddenly had a bunch of openings for yesterday (the first time I’d seen our local Walmart with them), so Denisa and I signed up. In case you’re wondering: yes, getting the booster still made me feel sick the next day. It’s not nearly as bad as the first COVID shot I got.

Clean Bill of Health

Each year, my university requires me to go get an annual physical. Well, I suppose it’s not technically “required,” but if I don’t go, then my insurance rates spike. So it’s kind of like the police don’t “require” me to go the speed limit, but if I don’t, then I have to pay more money. (Not an exact analogy, but you get the point.) For a while, they just had me do a “health coach session,” but that pretty much boiled down to me telling a person on the phone that I didn’t smoke or drink, and then finding out

Shoulder Pain Update

I can’t remember what I’ve told you all about some things anymore. Blog for long enough, and everything blurs together. But whatever I’ve said before, I’ll recap briefly now. About five years ago, something happened in my right shoulder. I don’t know what. As I recall, it started when I was driving a stick shift car in Europe. I went to a physical therapist, who diagnosed me with impingement syndrome. Basically, doing a certain action repetitively had aggravated my shoulder, and I needed to calm it down or it would only get worse. For several months, I went to appointments