Bryce’s Top Ten Halloween Candies

In my interweb surfing this morning, I came across FiveThirtyEight’s new analysis of the best Halloween candy. It’s quite exhaustive, and it goes over just about every candy bar you can think of. (Though there are some holes. No Heath Bar ranking, for example. Not that I like them, but they’re definitely a thing, and so they deserve to be on there.) It got me thinking, though. (More than “How many different ways can Reese’s be on a single list?”) What are my favorite candy selections? What items would I want to see the most in my trick or treat

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My Favorite Groundhog Tradition

It’s Groundhog Day (of course!). And if you’re wondering, yes, Phil did see his shadow. (Six more weeks of winter!) I’m having a party this evening. There will be groundhog treats and a groundhog yankee swap (white elephant, some call it). Those are always fun, but I’d have to say my favorite groundhog tradition of all time is one that’s developed over time. A few years ago, I got a groundhog hand puppet one year. Each year, we’ve gotten more and more decorations for the holiday (yes. I’m strange), and the hand puppet was added to the crew. One day,

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Quirky Local Celebrations?

This past weekend, the family headed out for the yearly Chester Greenwood Day Parade. I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this in the past, but for those of you not in the know, Chester Greenwood was the inventor of the earmuff, and he’s from Farmington, Maine, right where I live and work. So the first Saturday of December is always Chester Greenwood Day, and there’s always a big parade in town where everybody wears earmuffs. (Even the trucks and buses.) We’re just cool like that. But I wondered what other places do for quirky celebrations. I know Payson, Utah does

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What’s Been Your Favorite Costume?

Happy Halloween, everybody! I thought I’d take some time today to think back on the various costumes I’ve worn over the years, and to ask you which ones you’ve worn that you’ve really liked. For me, I’m not really a huge dresser upper. In fact, I’ll be impressed if I can remember more than a handful of costumes as I do this exercise. But hey. It’s worth a shot, right? I don’t have a political post in me today, despite all the political news flying around. It’s Halloween. I’m taking a break. So without further ado, here we go: Eeyore.

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Groundhog Limerick Contest

Faithful readers will remember that five (five!) years ago, I ran a groundhog Haiku contest here on my blog. It was well received, with a big campaign effort by some of the contestants. It came right down to the wire, and I had a  lot of fun with it. For this year’s Groundhog Day party, I decided to bring back the poetry, but to keep things lively, I switched the poetry format. That’s right, folks: limericks! I made the stipulation that they had to be clean. No dirty groundhog limericks on my watch, people. But other than that, the sky

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