2023 Media Review

And so we come to another look back on everything that I watched and read over the course of the last year. I reached my goal of 52 books again (21,154 pages), which made me happy. I also watched 23 television series in their entirety and 88 movies. That’s 4 fewer TV shows than last year, and 15 fewer movies, for reference. It’s definitely felt like I haven’t been watching as much, but I don’t think I need to set a goal for that or anything. (Though I would like to watch a bit more, just to stay up on

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Lord of the Rings in 4k

Hiya everybody! Did you miss me? I’ve been off on vacation for the last two weeks, but I’m back now and gearing up to get into the swing of things again. Not too much time today to post, but I wanted to report out on an experiment of sorts I did over the break. Each Christmas vacation for the past long while, we’ve picked a movie series to binge. We’ve done The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings twice before, actually, but it’s a favorite, so we decided to do it one more time. (All 6 movies. The extended versions.)

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On Jack-in-the-Box Slasher Movies

I mentioned last week that I’ve been making my way through horror mainstays. At this point, I’ve now seen the first three Friday the 13th movies, and despite my initial thought that I’d watch them all . . . There’s no way I’m going to. Perhaps if the movies were anything other than what they are, I would give them a shot, but in practice, watching them so closely together, the formula becomes blatantly clear. These aren’t films. They’re 90 minute jack-in-the-box games. The characters have absolutely no real way to do anything about their plights, typically because they have

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Movie Review: Doctor Sleep

It’s October, so we’re officially in spooky season. I decided to start things off with Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the film. I haven’t read the King book, but I’ve read the original and watched the film multiple times. They’re different from each other, but a great example of adaptation theory at work. (Both are fantastic, leaning into the strengths of their media.) How do you make a sequel to something as iconic as that movie and that book? By doing a fantastic job of it, of course. The premise

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UnMarvelling and UnStarWarsing

I’m a board-certified geek, and proud of it. I read fantasy series that are longer than 10,000 pages. I watch all of Jackson’s Middle Earth movies in a marathon. (The extended versions, naturally.) I have gone to a party dressed as a Slytherin student. In other words, I’m the prime audience for Marvel and Star Wars. And I’m getting tired. It’s not that I don’t like Marvel or Star Wars anymore. I like water plenty, but if you give me too much of it, I drown. (Or I get tired of all the rain. Or I complain about the flood.

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