pawn of the dead

Writing Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated ya’ll on how my writing is going, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting, wondering–dying to know. Well, wait no more. It’s going okay. I’ll be honest: I can’t seem to write as much these days as I could back before I had a full time job. That’s not likely to surprise anyone, I know, but I still wish it were different. These days, what with work, family, Elders Quorum and house chores, I’m pretty booked each day. What time I have left to myself, I’m pretty drained. Not exactly Prime Writing Conditions. I’ve

Life without Television Thus Far (and a Writing Observation)

So it’s been a week and a half since I ditched satellite, and I thought I’d report back on the experience. Honestly, it’s felt very freeing. Some of the shows I watch regularly have started up in the meantime, and . . . I’m not watching them. No Chuck. No American Idol. No 30 Rock (well, I have watched 30 Rock online–some things shouldn’t be lived without). I even missed the Golden Globes on Sunday, probably the hardest thing I’ve passed on to this point. But it’s not like it’s felt very difficult. It doesn’t even feel like that big

Rquest for a Full Manuscript

I had other things to blog about today, but they just got superseded by another request for the full manuscript of Pawn of the Dead. Don’t really want to share more than that with you all at this point, and I realize it’s not a book deal or anything, but when you’re a WWA (Writer With Aspirations), any news of that sort is good news. A bit of positive reinforcement never hurt anyone. Oh–and GO BYU!!!

Writing Update

Not a whole lot of time today (too busy trying to dig out from the pile of Work Still to be Done), but I figured I’d give you all an update on what I’m working on right now, writing-wise. Over my vacation, I had the chance to have a long talk with an agent about my writing. (Yes, the agent I’ve been waiting to hear back from for so long.) It was a no on Pawn of the Dead, alas–for a variety of reasons. His critique of the book was, like his others, fairly deep–meaning that the problems he identified

Writing Update

I realized I haven’t given a good update on where I am writing wise in a while. Not too terribly much has changed, I’m afraid. I have yet to hear back on the screenplay for Ichabod, or on the copy of Pawn of the Dead that’s been at the agent’s for a while. (Four months and change waiting so far on Ichabod, six and change on Pawn–but I’m a patient fellow.) In the meantime, I had been flitting from project to project, not really staying with any one long enough to make real headway–just wasn’t feeling it. I’m happy to