Replacing the Civic

After some insurance hokey pokey (the car was totaled, the car wasn’t totaled, the car was totaled for reals), Denisa and I discovered that yes, we were going to have to get a new car. For a researcher like me, this is officially The Worst. Not because I’m scare of some research, but because the

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Officially an Independent

I went and voted today in the Maine primaries, mainly so I could vote to approve the school budget. But in the lead up to today’s vote, I started to get texts. Soooooo many texts. All of them telling me how I had to vote for somebody because he’d be the one person to stand

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Moving Offices. Again.

Anyone coming into one of my workspaces would hardly be overwhelmed by the neatness. That’s a nice way of saying they tend to be on the cluttered side. If I don’t use a spot regularly, then the likelihood of it being organized is actually fairly high, but in a space I’m constantly doing stuff in?

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