Continued Political Disgust

When I was in grade school, the beauty of the American government, as presented to me, lay in the fact that it consisted of three separate but equal branches. The Legislative Branch made the law, the Executive Branch enforced the law, and the Judicial Branch interpreted the law. It all made a lot of sense to me, and in theory, it still does. But what does it look like in practice these days? Well, the Legislative Branch basically doesn’t do a whole ton, because it’s made up of people who can’t agree on anything enough to make any significant changes.

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Maine Elections 2023: A Mishmash of Ballot Measures

Elections are coming up on Tuesday, and I took some time today to try and wrap my head around what I’ll see on the ballot. It ended up being a fair bit more complicated than I’d hoped. There are 8 different ballot measures this time around, and most of them are fairly complicated, with implications I don’t know that I’m fully capable of completely understanding. This is not good. I elect representatives to government so that they can take the time to understand the ins and outs of these issues and then vote accordingly. In multiple instances on this year’s

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A Few Political Thoughts: 2023 Edition

No matter how much I try to ignore it, I have to face the fact that another presidential election year is staggering toward me, lolling from side to side like some sort of deranged zombie, and I’m just staring at it in horror, unable to move. It’s especially discouraging this year because I have little hope that it’ll be anything other than a mulligan of 2020’s election. If Trump is once more selected by the Republicans as their candidate, I’ll have no choice but to vote against him. That said, I’ve been unimpressed at best with Biden. A trained cocker

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Social Media has Calmed Down

I don’t want this post to turn political, because then I’d be causing the very thing I’m noting has changed, but it occurred to me today that either I’ve gotten much better at unfollowing anyone who posts dramatic political links to Facebook, or people in general have stopped posting things beyond normal status updates. Trump has been indicted four times, and I don’t remember a single post about it appearing anywhere other than . . . a rogue Twitter post, perhaps? On the one hand, this makes me very happy, because it really felt like social media was just making

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2022 Election Thoughts

I really don’t know what to say these days around elections. It seems like a very significant event each year, of course. (And it always seems like the current election is billed as the Most Important Election Ever, and if things don’t go exactly the way you’re hoping they’re going to go, then the next thing you know we’ve gone full Mad Max and you better just hope you’ve got access to water.) But it also seems like something where more and more, people’s minds are made up and there’s not going to be any changing them. I’m as guilty

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