Television Review: Picard Season 1

I’m a fan of Star Trek, though I’m also far from a Trekkie. I’ve seen most of the movies, and a lot of the television shows, though not nearly all of them. Denisa and I watched some of The Next Generation together a while ago, and it was fun, but also not riveting enough for us to stick with it. The “Problem of the Week” style of television that used to be dominant just doesn’t quite do it for me. But I’d heard good things about Picard, so we decided to give it a shot. We finished the first season

UnMarvelling and UnStarWarsing

I’m a board-certified geek, and proud of it. I read fantasy series that are longer than 10,000 pages. I watch all of Jackson’s Middle Earth movies in a marathon. (The extended versions, naturally.) I have gone to a party dressed as a Slytherin student. In other words, I’m the prime audience for Marvel and Star Wars. And I’m getting tired. It’s not that I don’t like Marvel or Star Wars anymore. I like water plenty, but if you give me too much of it, I drown. (Or I get tired of all the rain. Or I complain about the flood.

Television Review: Silo Season 1

When I saw Apple was adapting Hugh Howey’s Silo series into a show, I immediately added the show to my “to watch” list. For one thing, I really enjoyed the books. For another, they’re one of Denisa’s favorite series, and I knew she’d be all over an adaptation. Of course, any time you’re dealing with an adaptation of something you love, you run the risk of . . . not loving the changes they made. So I was both excited and apprehensive. So much so that we decided to hold off watching it until we could binge it all at

Television Review: Perry Mason 2

The biggest problem about finding a TV show that moves quickly and really draws you in is that you burn through it so fast you’re left stuck having to find another show to watch. Denisa and I enjoyed the first season of Perry Mason back when it came out, and I heard good things about the second. Not enough that I wanted to watch it week by week, but once the show was fully released, we gave it a shot. It’s always a good sign when you decide at night that you won’t actually be that tired if you finish

Television Review: Mandalorian Season Three

Daniela and I finished the third season of the Mandalorian last night, and I wanted to do a brief write up about it. Overall, we both had a blast with the show. Almost without exception, each episode kept itself rocketing along, full of visual spectacle, a great soundtrack, and some very nice action pieces, both on land and in space. The characters were fun, and it was a good time from start to finish. (Well, almost. There was a random half episode focused on a character I really didn’t care about: a “recovering Imperial.” While it was interesting to see