Tomas Mission

Tomas Update: Prešov

It’s been a bit since I’ve given an update on Tomas, I realized. Let’s see if we can correct that right now, shall we? Last week, he was transferred from Pilsen and back to Slovakia to a town called Prešov. (It’s pronounced PRESH-oh, more or less.) It’s a city with around 85,000 people, about 2 hours from the border with Ukraine. (And before you ask, the fighting in Ukraine remains all in the eastern part of the country, so this is kind of like if Tomas were in Missouri, and there was fierce fighting going on in South Carolina. He’s

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General Tomas Update

So, quite a few of you have reached out, wondering how Tomas is doing. It’s been two months since he last sent a written update, but we’ve continued to talk to him on FB Messenger every week. Since he hasn’t had the time to update, I thought I might give you a general update here, to the best of my knowledge. First up, I think the language has taken a lot of his attention. His last companion was the one who was called to speak Ukrainian, so when he arrived in Slovakia, he had absolutely no knowledge of Slovak. Tomas

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Tomas Update: Week 3 in Plzeň

Ahojte! Just a few quick updates: – I’m in Czechia now, all the way out in the west in Plzeň (Pilsen) – No idea if the beer is as good as everyone says – officially learning language #3 (Czech) – almost got lost in Blava by myself – I can go “ř” now (very cool) – Kiwi Christmas – saw a cool little place called Český Krumlov – left a part of my heart in Trenčín – also left my guitar (sad) – officially made call #1000 as a missionary  – this new apartment has nothing to hold the showerhead

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Tomas Update

Bryce here. I realize it’s been a while since Tomas had a chance to send out an email, so I thought I’d step in and fill you all in on the details in a brief post. The short report is that he’s still doing great, just really busy. Last week, he was transferred to the Czech Republic. (Sorry. I’m still not going to call it Czechia. I just can’t bring myself to do it.) He’s now in Plzen (Pilsen), home to world-famous beer and about 180,000 people, give or take. It’s in the far western part of the Czech Republic.

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Tomas Update: Week 23 in Trenčín

Ahojte! I will save you all the spiel about it being a crazy week, I think they are just all that now… So in the grand scheme of things pretty normal?? Tuesday we went and moved a bunch of stuff for our friends at the CPR , had a killer poppy seed cake, taught a lesson to two guys from Košice, and I played one of the new Doctor Who decks at magic night (and absolutely slammed everyone, it’s a great precon).  Wednesday we taught a lesson in Ukrainian and then got to go to the cemetery and visit my

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