New Everything

Can I just express my frustration with the amount of STUFF you have to do when you move to another part of the country? Trash, mail, bank, tv, internet, phone, appliances, direct deposit, insurance . . . it can feel pretty overwhelming at times. Hopefully things will begin to settle down soon–I’ve been getting a lot of those chores done, but it takes time. However, I was able to get some writing in yesterday, even if I was almost falling asleep while doing it. Today, I hope to be able to revise an entire chapter and get back into the […]

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Things You Don’t Want to See in Your Car

The service engine soon light. You especially don’t want to see it come on when you’re on your way to a flight leaving from an airport 3 and a half hours from your house, and when you’re not coming back until 1 in the morning. Thankfully, the car still works, and I made it home with no problems. I’m tired today, but the wife and son are home now, and everything looks more or less ready to get in order. I even found a mechanic. Now, if I can just get my writing done tonight, I’ll feel pretty good about

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Grrr . . .

I’m grumpy.  Why?  Because I’m sick of looking for jobs.  It’s now been two months that I’ve been looking, and I’ve applied to 28 jobs.  I’ve heard “no” from two of them, and I’ve had one phone interview for which the funding for the job dried up.  One of them I withdrew myself from after I found out more about the job.  So that’s four I know what’s happened with, meaning I have no clue about 24 of them.  Sigh.  I just feel like I’m hitting my head against a wall every time I look for more jobs. That is

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Can I just say I’m sitting at work, and it’s 93 degrees in here? The air conditioning broke in this wing of Orem Public Library, and I’m not amused. Sigh.

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I Hate Daylight Savings Time

It’s true. I was finally in a nice sleep pattern, and then everybody decides they want to change the clocks around, which seriously messes me up. I can’t get to sleep until 2 again, and I still have to wake up early, since I need to watch my son–who for some reason decided to cope with the time change by getting up even earlier than he would have otherwise. Sigh. Hopefully tonight will be better.

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