Some Artificial Intelligence Hesitancy

I’ve been on the record multiple times marveling at just how big of strides generative AI has been making since it first burst on the scene. Yes, I realize that “intelligence” is somewhat debatable with ChatGPT, but I also begin to wonder if it really makes much of a difference. It’s certainly possible that generative AI is just the first big step toward actual AI. But. I’ve been having a few additional thoughts the past while that have given me pause. Not enough pause to think this is all nothing more than a flash in the pan, but enough pause […]

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Television Review: Fallout 1

There are plenty of people bemoaning the demise of good television, but that’s a complaint I just can’t understand. I think some of it is that people take issue with how many adaptations of existing shows or games get made, but I’m not sure what the issue with that is. I mean, if it’s nothing more than a money grab, then sure. Complain away. If we were still seeing a flood of crummy sci-fi/fantasy shows being churned out with poor production values and awful acting, then I’d be as up in arms as the next person. But that’s not what

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LitRPG: Pure Pulp, Pure Fun

I’ve started reading a genre that’s fairly new to me: Literary Role-Playing Game, or LitRPG. I’d heard about it back when I was reading the Cradle Series, by Will Wight. I really enjoyed that one (check out my review), though I think I called it “level up fantasy” at the time. It’s about a main character who’s constantly getting stronger and stronger using different types of magic so that he can take on bigger and badder enemies. Over, and over, and over. You would think it would get old after a while, but it really didn’t. Was it a series

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Why Do We Insist on Doing Things That are Bad for Us?

I came across this study today, which basically looks at twenty years of research and comes to the completely unsurprising conclusion of “vegetarian and vegan diets are healthy.” At this point, this seems to be kind of obvious. They’ve been doing studies for decades, and yes, avoiding meat and eating whole foods is healthier than the opposite. And yet, despite this clear connection, as a society, we keep on downing meat and processed foods as fast as our little mouths will chew. (This isn’t me finger pointing at others. I’m not a vegan, though these days I rarely eat meat,

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So Many Technology Wonders, and So Much of It Ruined by Ads

I get that companies exist to make money. Like, that’s a pretty well-known fact. But the more I’m around tech developments, the harder it gets for me to be truly excited about them. Yes, the wonders of generative AI are pretty stunning, and it will no doubt do some incredible things . . . Before the suits figure out the best way to make as much money out of it as possible. At that point, even though it could do wonders, it won’t do them, or it will do as little of them as possible in return for as much

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