Career Day!

I headed over to the middle school again this morning for another round of career day. While I offered to talk about being a librarian or an author, no one seemed too keen on learning about being a librarian. (Surprised?) For the kids who wanted to know about being an author, their actual interest seemed to span a fairly wide range of “really want to know and ask questions” to “I have no idea why I came to this presentation in the first place.” I did three different forty minute sessions for groups of 7th and 8th Graders. About a […]

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Denisa vs. the Deer

We had another run in with a deer over the weekend. Well, by “we,” I mean “Denisa,” and I suppose this is her first run in with a deer, so saying it’s another one is also kind of off. But you get the picture. She had just picked up MC from a party, and on their way home, a deer decided it would be a lot of fun to jump in front of a car going 40mph or so. Spoiler alert: I don’t think it ended up being that much fun for the deer. The bad news is that it

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Trump’s Guilty: So What?

As everyone and their brother knows by now, Trump was found guilty on all charges yesterday afternoon. And while I was floored by the verdict, now that I’ve had some time to think it through, I’m not sure what, exactly, it does to change things. Don’t get me wrong. I do think it mattered, particularly from an aspect of what would have happened if he’d been found not guilty. That was the outcome I was expecting, and as soon as that verdict came, fodder for the “it’s all a witch hunt” argument would have abounded. Why did I think he’d

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Movie Review: Dune Part Two

Back when I first watched the newest version of Dune, I was left dissatisfied for a variety of reasons. It lacked a consistent source of tension, it had too many characters, and it felt like all build up and no actual climax. I’ve since watched it two more times (once right before watching the sequel), and I believe it works better than I first gave it credit. The third time through, it was much clearer that the visions Paul keeps seeing are symbolic more than literal, and that’s something that whizzed right past me in my first watch. Knowing the

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Some Artificial Intelligence Hesitancy

I’ve been on the record multiple times marveling at just how big of strides generative AI has been making since it first burst on the scene. Yes, I realize that “intelligence” is somewhat debatable with ChatGPT, but I also begin to wonder if it really makes much of a difference. It’s certainly possible that generative AI is just the first big step toward actual AI. But. I’ve been having a few additional thoughts the past while that have given me pause. Not enough pause to think this is all nothing more than a flash in the pan, but enough pause

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