Coming August 2024​

A Family of Killers

From the author of The Perfect Place to Die and Don’t Go to Sleep comes another chilling horror that explores the eerie story of America’s first serial killer family.

A Word From The Author

Thanks for coming by my home page. Find out more about me and my books. I update the blog most weekdays and write about . . . pretty much everything under the sun. I know it’s probably not good for search engine optimization, but I’ve been doing it since 2007, so it’s hard to break the habit at this point.

Historical Thriller​

The Perfect Place to Die

“Fans of true-crime murder mysteries won’t want to miss this one.”—Booklist, STARRED Review

Stalking Jack the Ripper meets Devil in the White City in this terrifying historical fiction debut about one of the world’s most notorious serial killers.

It’s 1918, WW1 is in full swing, and a Spanish Influenza outbreak is on the horizon. In the midst of the chaos, families are being terrorized and people are being killed by a lone man with an axe. As Gianna and her friend Enzo investigate the heinous crimes, she realizes she’s connected to the killer in a way she could have never imagined..

My Latest Posts

Bryce vs. BryceGPT Round 2: Website Renovation

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog. This is the second post that might or might not have been written by AI. Can you tell the difference this time? I challenge you to find out. So, here’s the scoop: I’ve had to update the website. The blog was displaying weirdly in some browsers, making it look like I’d been hacked by a group of disgruntled techies. I think I’ve sorted most of it out, but…

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The Verdict is In: Bryce vs. BryceGPT Round 1

Okay, folks. The first round of the great AI show off is over, and 100% of people identified correctly that it was BryceGPT all the way. Interestingly enough, however, the reasons people gave for why it was wrong ended up being more the fault of Bryce than BryceGPT. The most common reason given was that the rankings were off. People didn’t believe that I’d put the fast food places in that order. They doubted that…

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Bryce or BryceGPT Day One: The Best Fast Food Restaurants

Alright, folks, I’m short on time today, but I’ve always wanted to get this list down on paper. So, without further ado, here are my top ten favorite fast food restaurants, counted down from 10 to 1. Buckle up for some snarky commentary! Worst Fast Food Chain: Arby’s Before we get to the best, let’s talk about the absolute worst: Arby’s. Bland meat, uninspiring menu, and a general vibe that says, “We’re here because we…

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BryceGPT and the Future of Personaright

Now that I’ve got a subscription to Chat GPT, I’m able to make my own tailored GPTs. If you haven’t heard of this before, it essentially boils down to creating a prompt that Chat GPT will use as the starting point again and again. So instead of having to tell the AI what role you want it to take on each time you talk to it, you can get that all ironed out ahead of…

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Television Review: Shogun

I’d heard a lot of good things about Shogun when it first started airing. Enough to make me sit up and pay attention, but not enough to get me to actually watch it. (Honestly, these days there are so many different things to watch, if I get something new, it typically has to wait in line.) Once the show was complete, I heard even better things, so it got bumped up on my priority list….

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An Artificially Intelligent Language Tutor

Hi! Me again. Still digging into the different ways artificial intelligence can and will impact our future. There’s a whole lot of hand wringing and worrying out there, and while I’m not saying there aren’t big concerns, I am saying that there’s also a whole lot to be excited about. Case in point? Using AI to learn a language. I’ve been Duo Lingoing my way through Czech for the past 550 days or so, and…

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Creating a Film Festival Playlist

Denisa and the girls are going to be gone for two weeks at the end of August, meaning I’ll be flying solo for that time. When I was trying to figure out what I’d do, an idea that really appealed to me right away was to have a film festival. Nothing too extravagant or anything. It’s not like I’d be renting out a movie theater or anything. But I thought it would be fun to…

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Current Mood: Deeply Discouraged

It’s been a bit of a humdinger the last few days. It started off with a presidential debate that was (or should have been) tremendously disappointing for the entire country. On the one hand, you had the current President fumbling to make any coherent arguments and sound like he had half a clue of what he had done or wanted to do. On the other, you had the former President lying repeatedly, ignoring any and…

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Teaching the SATs

Daniela’s heading into her junior year next year, and that means it’s time for another of my kids to take the SATs. I didn’t do too much prep work with Tomas, but I want to do what I can to help Daniela. Test taking is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and improved, and it was something I was pretty good at, back in the day. Of course, it’s been almost 30 years since…

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Movie Review: The Boys from Brazil

Denisa’s still away, so when it comes to what I watch, it’s been a much simpler process. Basically, I just skim through movies until I see something that looks intriguing at all, and then press play. (This isn’t to say it’s Denisa’s fault that it’s harder to figure out what to watch with her. Rather, that it becomes more difficult as soon as you add a second person to the mix, regardless of who that…

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