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Quirky Movie Recommendation of the Week: Dean Spanley

Do you ever get tired of the same old movies, week after week? I don't mean the same films. Rather, the same types. Boy meets girl. Buddy cop. Whodunnit. Biopic. ...more

One Blender to Rule Them All

I've always had blender envy. I'll admit it. I'd eye those blenders out there that could puree a diamond, and then I'd look at mine. It wasn't a bad blender. ...more

Downton 5.4 Review: The Boredoming

Now granted, I'm sick. I'm also in and out feverish, so it can certainly be argued I'm not "with it" at the moment. But I don't think I'm so far ...more

Buy Somethin’ Will Ya!

If you’re looking to get that special something for that special someone, then I really have no idea what you’re doing at this site. But if it’s glow-in-the-dark Vodnik t-shirts or signed books that’s your fancy, then step on over here and see what’s for sale. I’ve even got some things that are free, just for being a great fan.