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My Post on Ferguson

I really didn't want to write up a post on what's happening in Ferguson. I'd already written about the subject back when it first exploded earlier this year, and my ...more

Adventures in New York City

Denisa and I took the train into New York yesterday for some authorly adventures. Up on the agenda? Lunch with my new editor, dinner with my agents, tours of offices, ...more

A Ten Year Old Reviews 'Mythbusters: Behind the Myths'

TRC and DC are Mythbusters fanatics. TRC especially. So when I saw they were touring the country, I checked to see when they'd be in Boston. It would be right ...more

Buy Somethin’ Will Ya!

If you’re looking to get that special something for that special someone, then I really have no idea what you’re doing at this site. But if it’s glow-in-the-dark Vodnik t-shirts or signed books that’s your fancy, then step on over here and see what’s for sale. I’ve even got some things that are free, just for being a great fan.