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Giving Multivitamins a Try

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Heavy Meta #8: Dealing with Fake News

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Become My Patron

Here’s the plan, folks. I’ve got this crazy cool book called ICHABOD that I wrote a while ago. I’m hoping to revise it, and potentially publish it as an eBook. Before I get to that, I’d really like some input from awesome people. What kind of awesome people? The kind who are my $1/month patrons, that’s what kind.

Sign up at this level, and you’ll have access to these posts. I’ll be putting up one chapter a week until the book is done–starting as soon as I get 5 patrons at this level. The first chapter’s already posted, available for anyone to read, because I thought it might be nice for you to get a taste for what you’re signing up for.

I haven’t read this book through since I wrote it back in 2007. I’d like this to be a sort of online writing group, where you can post comments and suggestions on each post. If I make any big revisions, I’ll post those revised chapters, as well.

At this level, you’re also essentially giving me 5 cents for each blog post I write. This is an infinite amount more than I’m getting at the moment, so it follows that this donation would make *you* infinitely cooler than you are right now. Kind of blows your mind, doesn’t it? In addition to my profound thanks, you’ll be one of my official patrons. Feel free to make some business cards that list yourself as a “Patron of the Arts.” Imagine how impressed strangers and coworkers will be. You might even think about sending one to your mom.