Tomas doesn’t remember his parents’ reason for leaving Slovakia when he was six, so he thinks his biggest challenges when his family moves back will be culture shock and getting to know his long-lost cousin Katka. And he hopes that his badly scarred arm won’t be a cause for teasing as it was in the States.

It turns out that Slovakia holds far more dangerous challenges for Tomas, as he discovers when a vodník straight out of Slovakian fairy tales tries to drown him and add him to his teacup collection. Between the vodník’s drownings in town—for which Roma like Tomas are blamed—a water ghost’s threats, and a fire víla’s mysterious warnings, this adventure turns out to be a lot more than Tomas had bargained for. And then there’s his cousin Katka’s big secret, which leads to a dangerous race against time and Death herself. When peril closes in on Tomas and Katka, can their newfound magical skills help them defeat the vodník and even cheat Death?




Twin brother and sister Benji and Kelly wander off at the local county fair after witnessing their parents argue. When Benji runs into a group of bullies, he escapes into a tent called The Memory Emporium, where he meets a strange old man inside named Louis. The old man shows him a magically vivid memory of a fighter pilot, in the hopes of getting Benji to pay to see other memories Louis has collected from people over the years.

Benji quickly realizes the ability to take memories could help his parents stop fighting with each other, and he asks Louis to teach him how to become a “memory thief.” But Louis isn’t the only person with the ability to show and manipulate memories. There’s also the mysterious Genevieve, a Memory Thief with much more nefarious motives.

Benji learns how to manipulate memories himself, but having that power comes at a cost to his family, and possibly to his own mind as well. Genevieve’s powers get out of control as she steals more and more memories from people in town―including Benji’s sister, Kelly. Benji must learn to use this newfound power, as he is the only one able to stop Genevieve.


Buttersby, a snobbish, self-centered alpaca, is sent into the jungles of Peru with a quest: to find the legendary cave of the alpaca ancestors, aided by a prophetic mouse, ancient Vicunas, and the trusty male alpaca, Meander.






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