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Movie Review: Dune Part Two

Back when I first watched the newest version of Dune, I was left dissatisfied for a variety of reasons. It lacked a consistent source of tension, it had too many characters, and it felt like all build up and no actual climax. I’ve since watched it two more times (once right before watching the sequel),

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Movie Review: Wish

I had heard next to nothing about Wish before I watched it. I knew it was the latest Disney animated movie, and I saw it was now streaming on Disney+. I was looking for something to watch with the family, and it seemed like an obvious choice, so I pressed play. I struggle to find

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Movie Review: Wonka

Look at this! I’m reviewing a movie that’s not years and years old! I know, you’re shocked. In truth, I’m really feeling like I’d like to switch back to some movie watching again instead of series, though the trick is that I’m in the middle of a number of series, so I’m not sure when

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