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Dog Alert!

That’s right, pound puppies: we’re getting a dog. A golden retriever puppy, to be precise. We had long thought that if/when we got a dog, we’d get a shelter dog. When the pandemic hit, we began to consider getting one, but by the time we decided we actually wanted to go through with it and started looking around at shelters, pickings were much slimmer than they had been when I looked before. Yes, there were still some dogs available, but most of them were either fairly old or else had disclaimers that they needed to be in homes with older children or no children at all. While we were in that quandary, trying to figure out which way to go, a friend’s mother’s golden retriever had puppies . . .

The rest was history.

Or it will be history when we get the dog, at least. That’s scheduled to be on August 17th. We’ll be going to see the puppies in person tomorrow. The kids are very excited. Denisa and I are excited as well, even though we’d never really planned on getting a puppy. House breaking and chewing? It’ll be an adventure. But it’s been good to have something to look forward to, and it’s helped brighten up the prospects for our kids, as well.

Last week, we took two hours to determine a name. We considered many, and it was difficult to come up with one that every member of the family approved of. I wanted it to be pop-culture-related, and I had a stipulation that it had to somehow be funny. My suggestions of Chewbarka and Sir Barks A Lot were vetoed, but surprisingly, Ferris Drooler went through and was approved after just a bit of debate. We’ll call him Ferris for short, of course, but it’s good for a dog to have a full name. How else is he going to know when he’s in a lot of trouble?

Yesterday we had another planning session, figuring out all the things we needed to look into to prepare for the arrival of the dog. Where will he sleep? What will he eat? Where will we take him to the vet? How about grooming? What equipment do we need to get for him? How will we train him? Assignments have been made, and we’ll reconvene next week to see how progress is going.

I’ve known a few Golden Retrievers in my life, and I’m looking forward to having one join our family. (I’ve always wanted a really big dog. A Newfoundland or a Bermese Mountain Dog. But a Golden Retriever is at least up there in size.)

If you have any puppy or dog related advice (especially around vets and groomers in the area), I’d love to hear it. And don’t worry: there will be (many) pictures incoming . . .


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