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Heavy Meta #19: Jonathan Cohen, Nietzsche, and the Place of Philosophy

In today’s installment of my ongoing podcast, Professor Jonathan Cohen joins Kelly and me to discuss his work in the field of philosophy. He has a new book out (In Nietzsche’s Footsteps), and we talk about what went into the book, who Nietzsche was, and what the place of philosophy in today’s society is. As always, a great discussion, and worth a listen.

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Heavy Meta #18: Lori Soucie and “How to Decide What You Want To Be”

In this episode, Kelly and I sit down with Lori Soucie, who works with students with undeclared majors at the Center for Student Development. We talk about her work, “how did you decide what to be,” and pretty much everything in between. It was a great conversation, and I hope you give it a listen. All of us (hopefully) sooner or later end up in a career we’re happy with, but sometimes the path to that career can be rockier. How can you smooth it out? What are ways of approaching things differently if you just can’t seem to find something that fits?

Lori does a fantastic job helping students navigate this. Give the whole Center for Student Development a looksie. They’re great people doing great things for our students here at UMF.

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Heavy Meta #17: Politics with Jim Melcher

In this episode, Kelly and I sit down with Jim Melcher, Professor of Political Science at UMF. Jim’s done more interviews with more people than I can possibly list, from local to national news. He runs a yearly Preview and Review of the Supreme Court cases that are most important (check out the latest here), and I’ve really enjoyed going to those each year.

We go over everything from Supreme Court appointments to how a political science professor chooses their news sources. Give it a listen!

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Heavy Meta #16: Travel Abroad with Steven Pane

In this episode, Kelly and I meet with Steven Pane, Professor of Music at UMF, and a veritable fixture at the Mantor Cafe. Besides his deep, lasting love of coffee, we discuss his studies at the university, with particular attention to the experiences he’s had leading travel abroad sessions to Italy. Why would a student want to do travel abroad? What’s it like? What could they expect out of it?

Steve’s got some fantastic stories to share, and it made me insanely jealous of the students who’ve been able to go over with him and the other UMF professors. Give it a listen!

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Heavy Meta #15: Interview with Brad Dearden

In this episode, Kelly and I meet with Brad Dearden, Associate Professor of Geography at UMF. If you think being a geography professor means you sit around drawing maps with colored pencils all day, you really need to listen to this to find out what they really do. Adventures in Nepal, Guatemala, China, and more. Geography professors are much closer to Indiana Jones than they have any right to be.

These podcasts started as a lark to talk about the library and have a fun time, but I’m learning so much about our faculty here at UMF and the research they’re all up to. I’m so glad we have a chance to highlight it, bit by bit.

To see some of Brad’s pictures, head on over here:

Kathmandu, Nepal
More from Kathmandu

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