Super Bowl

Take that, you cheating Patriots. Honestly, I’m not anti-Patriots or anything, but the idea that everyone was praising this team that had been cheating and fined for it was disturbing to me. I don’t care if “everyone else was doing it.” Everyone else should stop. (And everyone else wasn’t doing it bad enough to be […]

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If the Utah Jazz had been able to win a measly two games, I would have been able to go to game 6 tomorrow for only fifteen bucks.  Then again, considering how the Spurs wiped the floor with the Jazz for four of the five games they played, maybe I didn’t want to go see

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I’m a BYU fan–I’ll admit it. I watch their games fairly religiously, even though I think it’s a waste of time. I especially think it’s a waste of time when they go and lose a game they should have won, and I’ve invested so much of my hope into that lousy game. Stupid cougars. Stupid

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