Television Review: Masters of the Air

I’m a big fan of the earlier World War II series, Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Both of them brought home just how much of a struggle the war was in Europe and in the Pacific. Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg after they worked on Saving Private Ryan together, the series are both very well done. Acting, casting, plot, production values–you name it. (My personal preference from a story perspective is Band of Brothers, as it’s more of a contained narrative. The Pacific is more sprawling, though it’s also far more horrific. I knew next to nothing

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UK vs American TV Shows

There have been a number of shows that have started out as British series and then been remade for an American audience. While the most famous one of these (The Office) has obviously been wildly successful, I can’t help but wonder why in the world the bulk of them happen. I suppose the wild success of the Office makes it feel to some like anything’s worth a shot. (And for that matter, House of Cards also started as a UK show and was doing great until everything blew up with Kevin Spacey.) The fam and I have been watching the

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Television Review: Veronica Mars Season One

I first watched Veronica Mars so long ago, Denisa and I had to have it on mute most of the time, because we were living in a one bedroom apartment, and Tomas was a baby sleeping in our living room. So it’s been a while. We really enjoyed it back in the day, but I wasn’t sure how well a teenage detective show would stand up twenty years later. To make matters even more interesting, Denisa and I watched it this time around with Daniela. Honestly, I thought there was a fairly high chance we wouldn’t make it past the

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Television Review: The Last Airbender Season One

My family just finished the first season of the new live action The Last Airbender on Netflix, and I was super impressed. For context, I’ve watched some of the animated show, but I didn’t finish it. (I can’t remember why. I think I struggle to finish entire animated seasons. I haven’t thought too much about the reasons behind that.) Also, what I did watch of the anime was years ago, so I had almost no recollection of what was in it other than the basic elemental bending and flying bison. The live-action show was fantastic. The storyline was gripping, the

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Television Review: Community Season One

Hi, my name is Bryce, and I’ve lived under a rock for the past 15 years. True, I did watch the first few episodes of Community way back when it premiered in 2009, but I lost interest in them and just decided the show wasn’t for me. I stuck by that decision for the next 15 years, despite the fact that so many people talked about how much they liked the show, and how many accolades it got from critics. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was bored and just wanted to watch something I didn’t have

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