A New Sunroom

Yesterday we officially resumed work on our house. You already know we’ve been making plans for a new kitchen. That’s going to be a long term project, though, since there are some other smaller projects that need to happen to free up space in the house so that the kitchen can grow.

First up? Tearing down the mudroom on the front of the house and turn it into a sun room.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time. The house has had two “front doors” since we moved in. At first, this was more than a little confusing, since we’d have delivery people get confused about where to drop off packages. So we’d think we didn’t get anything, only to find out days later the package had been left tucked by the wrong door. It also bewildered people coming over to visit. Which door did they knock at?

Later on, one of the front doors warped, so it didn’t open or close easily. We sealed it up with spray foam and just didn’t use it. But then the room sort of turned into a house dumping ground of sorts. It collected clutter, and we liked to pretend it didn’t exist.

Those times are over. Last week I cleared out all the stuff in there, and yesterday they began tearing it apart. We’ve bought five windows and are going to have the whole space well insulated and lined with window seats that have storage beneath them. This will hopefully let Denisa store her flour containers and such, and do it in a way that’s invisible. (We also need to get rid of a lot of the junk that was in there. It’s scattered throughout the house now. Sigh.)

It’s a good thing we had this done, though. The wood holding up most of that porch turned out to be completely rotten. It will all need to be rebuilt. The plan is to leave the roof that was there in place but to build everything else all over again. It’s not a terribly big spot, but I’m definitely glad I’m not the one doing it.

Once that project is done, we need to add a mudroom to the garage, since the kitchen will be expanding to take up the current space of the mud room. Then we’ll tear the walls down between the kitchen and the mudroom and the kitchen and the sun room, and the kitchen will turn into this huge Voltron of a room that will be awesome.

But for now, it’s demolition duty.


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