A Taste of Farmington: 2022 Edition

Farmington, Maine has a yearly festival in honor of Chester Greenwood, inventor of the ear muff and native Farmingtonian. There’s a parade (with everyone and everything wearing ear muffs, of course), contests, and general festivities. Back in the days of yore (pre-COVID times), there was also a “Taste of Farmington” activity, where you’d buy a ticket that would get you a sample of food at all participating restaurants in town. The ticket was $5, and the samples varied in size, but it ended up being a really good deal for $5, and a fun way to pass a few hours. That went away during COVID, but this year they brought it back. And who am I to pass up an opportunity like that? We went with the fam on Saturday, and I’m here to let you know what I thought of all the offerings, ranked from worst to best, of course.

N/A Java Joe’s, Tuck’s Ale House, and Main Street Nutrition: I don’t drink coffee and I don’t drink beer, and that’s what was offered in the first two spots, respectively. I also avoid sweet drinks of questionable origin, because I’m allergic to aspartame, and it’s not worth getting a migraine over. So I skipped the health drinks of Main Street Nutrition, as well. I can’t rate any of them, because I passed.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Come on, Dunkin’. A quarter of a donut? Your generosity astounds me. It was small, and . . . still a dunkin donut. Unimpressed.

Farmington House of Pizza: A small slice of a personal cheese pizza. Better than the donut morsel, but not very inspired.

Orange Cat Cafe: There was a chai here that I passed on (see above), but they also had small cupcakes, which were extremely tasty. Bump the size of them cupcakes up a few notches, and we’d have a serious contender.

The Homestead: Corn chowder and a piece of bruschetta. Tasty, but once again quite lacking in terms of portions. It just couldn’t compete with some of what the other were offering.

Wicked Good Candy: Your choice of three (out of around 6 or 7) types of candy. Not a ton of candy, but bonus points for variety of selection and offerings. MC thought this was awesome.

The Better Living Center: A piece of apple pie, home made. Very tasty, and not that small. Of course, not that big, either . . .

Mary Jane’s Slice of Heaven: Talk about variety and portions. They gave out three chicken wings (with your choice of three sauces), pork rinds, and a full slice of pizza. The wings were delicious, though the pork rinds were . . . pork rinds, and the pizza was . . . hot dog? Also, there was a long line. So . . . some strange selection, but great portions and selection.

The Roost: Pulled pork slider, homemade chips, chili, and they even offered water to drink. Everything was delicious, and there was quite a bit of it. Very impressive showing.

The Beaver Lodge at UMF: A small mango/strawberry smoothie, hot sandwich, homemade chips, and cup of clam chowder. Great portions and variety, and that smoothie was my favorite thing of the day. We have a winner!

And there you have it. If they offer this again next year, I heartily recommend it. I was stuffed by the end of it all, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.


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