Be Careful What You Blog About, Especially Kitchen Renovations

I’m not going to say this kitchen renovation is cursed, but I’m also not ready to say it isn’t. The cabinets were supposed to come last Saturday. Then it got changed to Monday. Then to Wednesday. We kept trying to figure out what was going on, to no avail. Finally on Wednesday I reached the customer service of the company that had been in contact with us about the delivery date. It was being run from an office in the Philippines, from the sound of it (distant connection, heavy accent, no ability to actually do anything to help, and no real connection to anyone who could do anything.)

Sidenote here: I’m at the point with customer service that when I get offloaded to an overseas help desk, I take it as a statement that says, “We don’t care enough about our customers to actually want to help them.” Instead, it seems to be a delaying tactic. A way to discourage people who have problems from actually getting in touch with people who can solve those problems. Make it obnoxious enough to get help, and people will just give up instead.

In any case, it turned out that company wasn’t actually delivering our cabinets. They handle smaller deliveries for Lowes. So I called Lowes, who said they’re not handling our delivery either. That’s supposed to come through Kraftmaid, who’s doing the cabinets. Except when I called Kraftmaid, it turned out they weren’t handling our delivery either. That had been given to some company in Massachusetts.

Who wasn’t answering their phone.

Once I finally got in touch with the MA people, they said the cabinets were actually going to come on Friday. I said, “For sure?” They said, “Yup.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but today is Friday. And Denisa just got off the phone with the MA delivery people. “That’s odd,” they said. “We canceled that delivery today. Someone else in Maine canceled their order, and so we don’t have enough cabinets to warrant the trip.” When would they be delivered? “We’re not sure. It depends on when we get enough cabinets to make it worth our while.”

We are, to say the least, Less Than Pleased. So Denisa called Lowes and complained, and they’re currently talking to Kraftmaid about refunding our delivery fee and, you know, actually getting the cabinets delivered. And here I thought the windows were going to be our biggest problem.

One day this renovation is going to start. One day. Until that day, we’ll just keep getting strung along, day by day.

Any and all good thoughts and vibes sent our way would be greatly appreciated.


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