Book Review: Terry Pratchett’s Snuff

Terry Pratchett. The man’s a living legend, and his Discworld series is one of the few works out there that proves humorous fantasy has a place in this world. At this point, reviewing his books is about as useful as giving a thumbs up to a work by John Grisham, right? So why bother with a review of his latest book, SNUFF?

Plenty of reasons.

First of all, some Pratchett fans out there might not be aware that he has a new book coming out. As a diehard Pratchett fan myself, I know I wouldn’t want to miss one of his works just because I was too busy being distracted by other books at the moment…hey, it happens. But let’s be honest: any serious Pratchett fan should already well aware of the latest book on its way. That said, Discworld has over 35 books in it, and that sheer number alone is the main reason I’m writing this review. There might well be fantasy readers out there who’ve heard of Pratchett, but have no desire to devote themselves to a 35+ novel epic. It’d be like tuning into Lost for the last three episodes, right? Wrong.

Pratchett’s Discworld series is a series only insofar as it all shares the same globe, and some of the same characters. In reality, the series is cut into smaller chunks, with certain characters taking the lead role in certain books. Thus, you have the Witches books, the Death books, the Wizards, Tiffany Aching and the like. Fans have their favorite characters. I personally really like the Death books and the City Watch books, and so I’m really happy to report that SNUFF is a City Watch book.

[Reprinted from over at Elitist Book Reviews, where my review originally appeared earlier today. Read the rest of it over there.]

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