Brain Fried

Feeling a tad brain fried right now. Yesterday consisted of nine and a half hours of church meetings, so it was nice to be able to come back to work and take a break from church. 🙂 I managed to watch three movies over the weekend: two on Netflix and one in person.

The first one I went to with TRC: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Actually, I really enjoyed this movie, even if it was a tad heavy on cheese toward the end. The laughs kept coming throughout, and TRC had a great time at the movies. (Or the “Thee-A-ter,” as he calls it.) Two and a half stars.

Then DKC and I watched Leatherheads, which while I enjoyed it, it felt a bit too much like George Clooney trying to do his best Coen brothers meet screwball comedies impression for me to really get into it. For those of you who don’t remember, it’s the fictionalized depiction of the origin of pro football. I watched it right after watching BYU beat Air Force in a good game, so I was already in the football mood. And for fellow football fans, please add half a star to the rating. It was fun to watch and see some of the jokes in there. I had a good time watching it. Two and a half stars–almost made it to three, but didn’t quite get there. Sorry, George.

DKC and I also watched Run Fatboy Run, which I’m happy to say was the best of the lot. It tells the story of a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, and how he tries to win her back later on by showing her he’s changed. How? By running a marathon in under three weeks’ preparation. They turned the cheese up to 11 at the end, but I liked it in spite of it. Three stars, unless you don’t like British movies, in which case knock it down to two and a half, but smack yourself in the head first for having no taste.

And now, my break time is done. Just as I come out of a brain fried state, I have to go back to work. Such is my curse. 1,700 words left to revise of ParkerBoy. One chapter. Oh yeah.

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