celebrating groundhog day

Groundhog Haiku Contest

So as you all know, we had the official Groundhog Party last week, and there was the ever-popular Groundhog Games of Skill. This year’s slate of contests included Tossing Cards into a Hat, Drawing a Groundhog with Your Eyes Closed, and Groundhog Speed Haiku. That’s right–in five minutes or less, contestants had to come up […]

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Writing a Murder Mystery

So the Groundhog Day Murder Mystery went off Friday to great success. Our Phil Connors was, unfortunately, down with a bad case of the flu, so I ended up having to play the part of Ralph the Drunk while also offering key bits of information Phil had told Ralph over a round of drinks. Other

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That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s groundhog time. And the question on everybody’s lips (chapped lips) is what in the world will Bryce be doing this year to celebrate? Well wonder no more, porkchops. All shall now be revealed. 🙂 This year was actually a hard year to plan for. Traditionally I have a grand extravaganza

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Groundhog Book

So the Groundhog Book is going quite well. Hit the 10,000 word mark today. It’s different for me, writing non-fiction. Still haven’t heard back from the agent, though, and I’m liking this project, so I’ll keep at it for now. Just wondering if you all could help inform me a bit: how specific do you

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