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So the Groundhog Book is going quite well. Hit the 10,000 word mark today. It’s different for me, writing non-fiction. Still haven’t heard back from the agent, though, and I’m liking this project, so I’ll keep at it for now. Just wondering if you all could help inform me a bit: how specific do you think I should let this project get? Right now, I’m delving into pretty much every aspect of Groundhog Day you can think of, from the movie to the history of the holiday to the actors to the towns that celebrate it to how to celebrate it yourself–everything. It could be the definitive, comprehensive guide to groundhogdom.

Am I going a tad overboard?

What am I asking? I’m writing a book about how to celebrate a rodent, and I’m wondering if I’m going overboard? Never mind. πŸ™‚

In the end, I sort of view this project as a personal one. I might self-publish it and give access to family and friends. Or maybe I’ll make a groundhog blog and see if I can get a following?

So tell me–just how crazy do you think I am?

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  1. You already know that I think it’s a fabulous idea
    And I am of course biased. However, did you notice that the “Groundhog Day is the Best Holiday…Period” group on Facebook has over 900 members?? So you see, we are not alone (although I’d wait until the book is published to say anything to that group, just in case some loser tried to steal your idea).
    Personally, I also think the idea could grow to be as big as you’re willing to envision it growing. If the book contains your characteristic laugh-out-loud sarcasm throughout, I’d say try pitching it to some prominent people who have the same sense of humor (for endorsements or testimonials or something)…Bill Murray, Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman… It’s a quirky idea, but I bet they’d eat it up. Call me crazy, but I can so easily picture you on the Late Show with Letterman sitting next to Bill Murray and Punxatawny Phil. It would be a riot.
    That is all.

  2. Make a website.
    I think you should start up–not just a blog–but a full fledged website to promote Groundhog Day and all things groundhog.
    I think you should find and sell on the site all the groundhog paraphernalia you can: copies of the movie, goofy hats and gloves, groundhog tablecloths, napkins and utensils for that special Groundhog Day celebration.
    A groundhog charm to hang from the rear view mirror, groundhog pictures, posters and postcards. Groundhog balloons. A specially designed groundhog telephone. Groundhog t-shirts. Groundhog underwear and swimming trunks. I’m sure this is only scratching the surface.
    Next to Pauxatawny, your little old farmhouse somewhere in Maine should be GROUNDHOG CENTRAL.
    Invent a groundhog day beverage! Come up with groundhog carols! Go groundhog wild (as opposed to “hog wild”)!!!!

  3. Re: Make a website.
    Although I was obviously trying to be funny, I really wasn’t kidding, either. It has the potential of catching on. I’ll tell you how it’s done these days:
    1. You write the book/build the site/stock up merchandise. Have everything ready.
    2. You create a really funny short video that you post on YouTube and pass around via email. If people like your video enough, they’ll send it to their friends and it’ll spread around the world before you know it, funneling traffic back to your site. All this and you haven’t spent a dime on advertising (assuming you can make a decent video with your home equipment).
    I think they call it “viral marketing.” I’d probably try to come up with an idea to do this kind of thing myself if I were younger and more ambitious.

  4. Yes, this is a great idea, Bryce! I say go for it, jump in with two feet (or four, if you’re a rodent). I only hope that when you finish it you don’t wake up the next day and have to write it over again…

  5. Re: Make a website.
    Groundhogs (Marmota monax) most commonly get herpes, hepatitis and rabies viruses. At least those viruses are the ones people have bothered to look at in groundhogs.
    Planning on covering groundhog care and ecology?

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