The Importance of a Weekend

Not that this is a real newsflash to any of you, but I’ve been surprised just how much working through my weekend has screwed up my sense of time this week. I was at the conference for Saturday and Sunday, and so my normal routine was totally off. Now that I’m back home, I’ve been having trouble remembering what day of the month we’re in, which month we’re in, and even how far into the year we are at the moment. Does this happen to anyone else when they work through a weekend? I think a large part of it […]

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Boston Bound: ALA Midwinter

I’m heading out on a bus today to Boston, where I’ll be attending the American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting. I’m going to try and have some posts go up while I’m there, but no promises, as I’m going to be fairly busy. There’s an all-day meeting tomorrow, several appointments, receptions, etc. I’ve been to ALA Annual twice before, but this will be my first midwinter. I’ve heard they’re sort of a different beast than the annual meetings, but we’ll see. On my list? I’d love to attend the Newbery Award announcement in person. That would be a fun something to

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A Report Back on MLA

Another annual MLA conference is in the record books, and I wanted to take a moment to step back and take a look at how it went. This year was different than last year, primarily because MLA was flying solo this time around. (Last year’s conference was held jointly with the Maine Association of School Libraries.) While that meant a smaller turnout, it also streamlined the process of conference planning, letting us really get a handle on how it could be done most effectively. It was a ton of work, but I was very pleased with the outcome. Why? Let

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Maine Library Association Annual Conference

Hello, Bangor! I’ve been here for the past two days as the Maine Library Association holds its annual conference. Astute fans will note that I did the same thing last year at the same time. Last year a lot of stuff was happening throughout that year with my full time job, which made it hard to really devote as much attention to organizing the conference as I needed. Not this year! So this year has been much more hectic and crazy, and I will be one happy Bryce by the time I’m looking at Bangor in my rearview mirror. Helping

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Adventures in Manchester

I go to these conferences all over the country, and I typically like to get out of the hotel for at least a little bit. Go and see the city a tad. Get a feel for the place. That’s how I’ve seen things like the Mark Twain home and Wrigley Field. Manchester, NH isn’t exactly Chicago, but I wanted to get out of the hotel for an evening, anyway. But what to do? I wanted to eat someplace fun, so I found a Hungarian restaurant that had good reviews. It was supposed to close at 5, and it wasn’t far

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